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My Adventure at Lokey’s Escape Rooms in Sarasota, FL

My Adventure at Lokey’s Escape Rooms in Sarasota, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when Lokey sent an Instagram message to The Suncoast Post inviting us to experience their Escape Room. I got the assignment to go check it out and I was taken completely by surprise!

The only thing I knew about Escape Rooms was what I saw on TV or Facebook. I’m not a gamer and actually have trouble staying still long enough to play even board games. So I was not sure this was something I would enjoy. I was greeted by the owners, Richard and Chelsea Keehn, and told a little about the three game rooms.



There are three different escape rooms at Lokey's in Sarasota, FLThe first one is called Press Start and has amazing colors and music. It’s recommended for 2-4 players and looked like fun, but I didn’t play this one.

The second is Detention. It looked a little creepy, but I was assured it’s not scary. This one is tougher than the first and is recommended for 2-6 players. I didn’t play this one either.

Richard told me the third one, Trouble in Tinseltown, was the one I would play. It’s recommended that 2-6 players solve this one, but he said he would help me when he thought I needed help. I was the first one to play solo! I must confess I was a bit nervous, never having played anything like this before, but I was determined to do it!

Looking through the door into Trouble in Tinseltown at Lokey's in Sarasota, FLThere was a puzzle at the door to solve before I could even open the door! I did most of it myself and felt pretty proud about it…got the key and opened the door and then? I felt like I had just walked into a black and white movie! The room was set with posters of movies, a desk with an old phone, a window covered with blinds, an old projector, a bookshelf, and lots of locks! All in black and white!

The key to finding what to do next was to talk it out. That’s what Richard told me before I went in. Usually there would be some other people in there to bounce ideas around and help solve the clues but, I was alone. So, I started talking to myself and worked out a bit of it. I was able to get help when I needed it and then move on to the next clue. The sense of accomplishment when you get it is amazing!

Richard, owner of Lokey's, took my picture at the end of the game and sent it to me.I found the answers to the combinations of most of the locks. When I opened them there was always another clue and off I’d go again to solve that one! The hour flew by and even though I didn’t solve the whole thing I had such a great time! I plan to go back with a group that will help me solve the mystery!

When I came back out to the reception area, I asked the owners to show me around. Richard showed me how they keep track of what’s happening in each room and I got to watch Chelsea on the monitor as she put all the clues back in place in the room I had been in. Their theater experience really shows in the sets and props used in each Escape Room. The furniture and props seem so authentic! And afterwards they sent me a picture they took of me working out the clues. Fantastic job, Lokey’s!

Lokey’s Escape Rooms
4930 Fruitville Rd,
Sarasota, FL 34232
(941) 487-7463

Photos from Laura Bell Adams and Lokey’s FB page.

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