Music, 88Live Piano Bar, and a Smiling Nice Guy with Alzheimer’s

Music brings people together.  Music makes our mood so much better,  music heals our soul, and for a person with Alzheimer’s music can bring some joy into their life.  Read on, to the end…please.

My neighbors Wanda and Kevin and Wanda’s dad Jim were my guests last Saturday night at the hot music venue in Bradenton, Florida, “88Live Piano Bar.”  Wanda’s dad, Dan has Alzheimer’s.  He is 76 years old.  She told me that one of the  joys that he still has in his life is listening to music, especially live music.  I was so excited that Jim came to enjoy the music.


When my friend Nora and I arrived at the venue, Wanda, Kevin, and her dad Jim were already seated.  My friend and business associate Sherry Elliott, owner of 88Live reserved the best table in the house.  Oh, what a blessing Sherry is.  Sherry and her husband Scott were working their tails off that night.  Like most restaurants they were short on help and the place was packed.

The night featured two fabulous piano players (and they both play the drums), The Unessentials, Emily and Gavin.  They play songs by request and the sell-out crowd had such a wonderful time.  It’s a must-see show and of course reservations are recommended.

Which brings us to Dan.  He played piano around our area before Alzheimer’s.  He actually was a boogie-woogie piano player.  When I sat down, he was so happy to meet Nora and I and we briefly chatted as the music immediately started.  For almost 2 hours Jim was sitting in his chair rockin and rollin to the music, clapping his hands and his infectious smile was contagious.  He enjoyed some delicious pizza and was just so happy.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Wanda was so happy to see her dad having such a wonderful time.  It’s what we do in this town; friends helping friends, friends supporting friends, friends loving friends.


It was such a special night.  Wanda called me Sunday morning to thank me.  Her dad was in his happy place on Saturday night.  The sad part, Wanda told me that her dad did not remember a thing about Saturday night.  I am sure it was heartbreaking for her.

Thank you, Sherry and Scott.  I know you had no idea about Jim.  You two made a family so happy that night.  Bless you both.

Photos of the event can be found HERE.  

For more information about Alzheimer’s, check out this website.

To Donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, please go HERE.

88 Live Bradenton
6640 Cortez Road West
Bradenton, Florida 34210
941 900-1133

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