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Trade Deadline

MLB Trade Deadline is Less Than a Month Away

| Shea Kuschel |

The MLB trade deadline is less than a month away and teams are officially gathering their thoughts to decide what they want to do with their teams. Every year you have teams who buy and teams who sell and this year we have some very clear buyers but not so many clear sellers as you would think.

Let me break it down for you. Teams that are very obvious in trading for players to stock up on their roster will be the Phillies who currently have the best record in baseball, the Orioles who have the best record in the American league, the Guardians who surprisingly has the 3rd best record in all of baseball, the Dodgers who look to build up an even more star studded roster with the additions of Shohei Ohtani and many others this offseason, and the Brewers who just like the Guardians, no one would think that they would be at the top of their division, and obviously the Yankees who will still be buying at the deadline but have not been playing to their highest standards lately.

Now teams that fall right around the buying category but not to a significant extent are teams like the Twins who are in second place in their division, the Red Sox who have the third wild card spot, the Braves who have maintained a decent record since the injury of Ronald Acuna Jr, the Cardinals who have had a bounce back year since last year, the Mariners who sit atop a very close AL West division, the Padres who have had different guys show up and ball out for them, and the Astros who have been on fire recently.

 Now here are a few of the teams you could see selling at the deadline this season. Teams to most definitely have fire sales at the deadline are teams like the White Sox who have the worst record in the league, the Marlins who have the worst record in the National league, the A’s who are terrible per usual, the Blue Jays who have been a major disappointment this year sitting at the bottom of the stacked AL East division, the Cubs who have been a major disappointment with the addition of coach Craig Counsel, and potentially the Mets who although have seen great success in the month of June they won’t be able to compete with the top contending teams if they don’t have a bullpen they can rely on in the later innings of the game.

Now that we have talked about teams that could be buyers and sellers at the trade deadline, let’s talk about what players could be available for trade this upcoming deadline. Big names you could hear being traded in this year’s trade deadline are guys such as Luis Robert, Jazz Chisholm, Mason Miller, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichette, Cody Bellinger, Pete Alonso, and J.D. Martinez. All of these guys listed have been valuable to each of their respective organizations but could unfortunately be dealt due to the interest from other teams buying at the trade deadline. It would take a lot for these guys to get traded so teams will do anything like give their top prospects just to get these guys and maybe only have them for half the season and only that.

Overall, this trade deadline will be a fun one with many players on the move and many teams looking to either offload their whole team or build to their roster.

Shea Kuschel is a Junior at Smithtown East High School, Smithtown, NY.  This is his first article written for the Suncoast Post.

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