Memorial Day

Memorial Day – A Day to Remember Here on the Suncoast

Memorial Day is a federal holiday dedicated to remembering U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States armed forces. This day originated as far back as the Civil War conflict, originally called Decoration Day, as it was when the graves of those that had fallen were cleaned and decorated. While other holidays honor our brave currently serving (Amed Forces Day) and even Veterans day for all those who have served, this is specifically to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

This is not a day to get into politics and even a discussion of freedoms changing dynamics in this country. It is the moment we all should take to bow our heads to those who have paved the way to our current way of life by laying theirs down to defend a belief in this country bigger than themselves. We all owe a debt of gratitude o the bleached headstones in Arlington to those decorated in cemeteries from one end of this county to the other for those who died in service to the country. These strangers, who most of us will never have met in person, stood tall in this country, invaded warring entities overseas, and took up arms to solidify our way of life.

Memorial Day
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary

We all get to argue how bad or good our president, elected officials, inflation, and other topics are because these amazing humans chose to serve. We have many choices in where we live, work, and other rights afforded us by living in this country every day that we did not earn by anything other than the virtue of our birth. Those who laid down their lives in the many conflicts fought in the line of duty deserve every ounce of gratitude we can extend. For at least this single day, please take a moment to honor them.

From the Suncoast to the north, and all the way south, may we all honor the fallen who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Service is not something that you are paid to do, but rather it is something you do for reasons sometimes outside of the ability to communicate with words alone. Joining the armed forces, knowing that you might never come home, takes a special person, and there are so many wonderful stories of servicemen and women that gave their lives in that service. Let’s remember them today with dignity, honor, and gratitude.


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