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Meal Planning for a New School Year Here on the Suncoast

Back to school is right around the corner here on the Suncoast. Sarasota and Manatee counties head back to classrooms on August 10, 2022. With pick-up, drop-off, clubs, sports, and all the other day-to-day school activities, life can get pretty crazy. One of the things that can help give some families back a little time each day is meal planning. Here are a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plan options that might get your school year off to a great, organized start while still having nutritious options for every meal.

Breakfast Options

By now, we all know breakfast is the day’s most important meal. To ensure everyone in the family enjoys theirs, here are a couple of breakfast meal planning ideas that are sure to be a hit with kids. The best part is that you can prep them ahead of time, so you don’t have to rush in the morning. If your kids love pancakes, try sheet tray pancakes, which you can batch-cook and freeze for up to a month. Or prep these frozen breakfast burritos the night before and just quickly warm them up when it’s time to eat in the morning. Or maybe even Make-Ahead Spinach and Mushroom Breakfast Sandwiches for a tasty breakfast.

Lunch Box Ideas To Engage the Taste Buds

Many kids don’t want to participate in hot lunch and prefer to take lunch boxes with them to school. A host of healthy options can be made a day or even a few days before use. Additionally, dinners can be repurposed for lunch options such as DIY Taco Lunchboxes, club wraps, and even peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls. You can make lunch fun, easy, and ready to rock and roll in the morning with little craziness as you get the family out the door this school year.

Lunch Meal Planning

Easy Dinner Ideas for the End of Long Days

When work , school pick-ups, and sports are done for the day, you still have dinner ahead. Meal planning can make this stress-free also with just a little forethought. From crock pots to freeze-thaw-cook meal ideas, meal prepping can make dinner tasty and free of craziness at the end of your long school days. A few dinner ideas could be Egg Roll Noodle Bowl, No-Cook Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese recipes.

Did you find an idea or two that might work for your family? Obviously, not all recipes work for every family, but you can substitute your favorite meals. Often, having snacks at the ready, frozen breakfasts, or other little tidbits can help reduce stress this school year. Here’s to hoping your school year gets off to an amazing start and that all the kiddos have a wonderful year!

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