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Making Sunday Memories in Cortez, Florida

| Kim Thomas |

What do you do on a Sunday?  We work all week; then, we have our chores to do on the weekend.  Laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc… time to spend with loved ones is short and very important. 

My husband and I will often cook together on Sundays.  One day on our getaway, we listened to friends talking about making homemade pasta and ravioli.  We asked a lot of questions since we never made pasta before.  Our one friend said, “It is easy; just do it.”

One Sunday, we decided to try our hand at making ravioli since a friend gave us stone crab claws, and we couldn’t eat them all.  We made a circle of flour, broke the eggs in the center, and slowly mixed the ingredients together and formed a ball.  We placed the dough in the fridge for an hour like we were told, and then here we went, making the ravioli sheets.  Excited that we got that far, we read a little more about rolling out the dough.  We started to roll out the dough and quickly discovered if the dough was falling apart, do not add water; add flour, lol.  Once we got the dough rolled out, we proceeded to place round balls of mixture on the sheet.  Oh man, too much at first!  When we thought we had the right amount, we placed a second sheet on top and started to cut the ravioli. With our metal ravioli cutter, we cut the ravioli and placed them on a cookie sheet to freeze.

Not too bad for a first try, it tasted pretty good, too.   However, they were not quite right, hum the perfectionist in us both researched further.

The following week, we bought a different ravioli cutter, by the way, a cheap one from Amazon, not a fancy expensive one from a kitchen store.  Walah, great-looking ravioli.

That day, we made meat ravioli, butternut squash ravioli, and lobster ravioli.  Our friends absolutely love them, and we have had a few beautiful Sundays of time spent together and memories made. With many more of these days to come…

Since then, we have made pasta, and lasagna noodles, so much better than store-bought and light. 


What will you do to make memories with your loved ones this weekend?

Kim & Dave Thomas live in Cortez, Florida.

Photos from Kim Thomas & AI

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