Why Not Start "Looking Up" Where You Are

Why Not Start “Looking Up” Where You Are

Gee Whiz! I almost hit that guy with my car. What the heck is he doing? He’s crossing the street without looking, and I have the green light.

He’s looking down, with ear plugs in his ears, and punching his cell phone with his thumbs; testing, I think. Holy Cow – what are we?



I get where I’m going and park the car. I Look Up, and thank goodness, the clouds are there in a blue sky. Ahh, the universe. Looking Up transforms me. The floating shapes and lightness of the sky beckon. I relax and imagine. I don’t puff or huff, or yell, or honk.

What are those white fluffy shapes? Moisture? Visions of the past and future? Or just blots on a blue landscape? Well, to me they are my All, my refuge from fast paced society. When I Look Up at clouds I can float. I feel enveloped and comforted. The simple matter of not looking at city streets, or roads, or land, but into the air and the expanding, unending universe, brings peace.

Looking Up at the clouds brings peace to the author.Designs or whispers of the wind, great bears or monsters, shapes of those I know or would like to know. Clouds; big strong, and sometimes dark in storms, or light and wispy, just blowing by, are life. They are time. Clouds are, for me, a kind of metaphoric soul.

My thoughts are intuitive, and my feelings real, when I Look Up and see clouds. Are they Cumulous (low, big) or Stratus (middle of sky). Maybe Sirrus (high 20,000 feet) ice crystals turning into my stars at night.

Read the clouds — and while you’re at it also feel the sun, and the rain, the snow, and heed the changes in the wind. ‘Red at night, sailor’s delight — Red in the morning, sailor’s warning’. Clouds change the flow of the earth. Rainbow majesties made of the sun and water lead us to pots of gold as God’s promise to Noah and the Ark.

And so you, too, might consider Looking Up. Don’t count your steps, or text from your phone. Look Up and step into your life. At night, things close in on me, but if I Look Up to the stars and trace the clouds in the sky, I am released. I feel taller, and can reach out to myself. Try it. Yourself in the universe.

Photos by Paul-Allan Louis

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