Local Suncoast Farms Need Your Help Now

Many local farms in Florida and the entire country are in trouble and need help. Due to distribution issues many cannot sell their products and are forced to let them die on the vine or pour into the ground.

Two local Suncoast family farms have reached out for your help. Dakin Dairy Farms in Myakka City and Albritton Fruit farms in Sarasota are in trouble. Both of these farmers have given back to our community in the past

Albritton Fruit Farms

Albritton has thousands of pounds of blueberries that will die on the farm if they are not picked. Imported blueberry prices are hurting the market along with the coronavirus. The cost of labor to pick the blueberries is more than the selling price right now.

Video from WFLA.com

To try and help offset this huge problem, Albritton Farms is offering “U-Pick” Blueberries to go towards a break-even point during these unprecedented times. The “U-Pick” will take place April 17-19 from 9am-2pm. There is plenty of room for families and friends to “social distance” while picking, as there are a few hundred rows to pick from.

Dakin Dairy

Dakin Dairy also needs your help. With limitations on the amount of milk you can purchase in grocery stores, restaurants being closed, and major distribution issues, Dakin has nowhere to sell their milk products.

They have 6000-gallon tank trucks. The video below by Bob Harrigan of ABC7 Sarasota shows raw milk being dumped into one of their fields. How awful!

Video from Facebook ABC7 Sarasota

Dakin is reaching out to the local community non-profits and charities. If these agencies are willing to pay the cost to bottle the milk they will give the milk for free. That would also be a win/win situation. In addition, they need local families to shop out there to support a farm!

Please help support both of these wonderful local farmers.

Albritton Fruit Farms
9600 State Road 72
Sarasota, Florida 34241
941 780-0888

Dakin Dairy Farms
30771 Betts Road
Myakka City, Florida 34251
941 322-2802

Milk photo from Daikin Farm Facebook Page Blueberry Photo from Deposit Photos

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Albritton Fruit Farms, Dakin Dairy Farms

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