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Live-Action Dinosaurs on the Suncoast

Live-Action Dinosaurs on the Suncoast

| Laura Bell Adams |

If you are looking for a little edge-of-your-seat action for early 2020, consider taking in the new Jurassic World Live Tour that is making the rounds at the local arenas and event centers.

With 20-plus life-size dinosaurs, amazing props and soundstage, plus a talented cast of actors to carry out the action-packed sequences and riveting plot, it is just the kind of family fun that packs a punch for all ages. From the official site of Jurassic World Live, “Join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan and save Jeanie, an all-new dinosaur, from a terrible fate. Along the way, experience some of Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaurs including Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons, and the mighty T. Rex!” The star of the show, Mr. T Rex weighs over 8,000 pounds and spans an impressive 42 feet. That could certainly explain his “mighty” quantifier.



The Sarasota Post had the pleasure of speaking with one of the actors from the show, Josh Blum who plays the paleo vet to Olive, the baby stegosaurus. Josh credits an energy driven cast who truly gets into the plots and the authenticity of the sets for the immense sense of fun the audience seems to have at all the shows. “The sweet spot as far as ages who get the most enjoyment out of the shows probably ranges between four and 11-year-olds. But we always tell the parents that they may very well have a three-year-old who would love it, that just depends on the kid.” Josh goes on to say that Jurassic World Live is “incredibly family-friendly” so that the very young, parents, seniors and all ages in between will enjoy the excitement. “The show has a great plot with lots of twists and turns and plenty of action and fun packed in for a really great time.”

Dinosaur foot from a live-action dinosaur on the Jurassic World Live TourJurassic World Live Tour is a production of Feld Entertainment, the Palmetto based live production company. They are also responsible for mega hits like Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, The Trolls Experience, Sesame Street Live, Marvel Universe Live!, Monster Energy Supercross and many other globally recognized events. Yearly, they produce over 3,500 shows in over 75 countries and their facilities in Palmetto cover 600,000 under one roof. According to Feld’s website, Jurassic World Live Tour “offers an immersive journey into Isla Nubar with an original storyline, captivating scenery, pulse-pounding stunts, iconic music and most amazing of all, dozens of life-sized dinosaurs. These animatronic and performer-operated dinosaurs were custom built with the latest technology, scientific precision and Hollywood studio quality.”

You can catch Jurassic World Live Tour at Amalie Arena in Tampa January 3rd through January 5th. The tour proceeds to various venues throughout Florida in January then heads to destinations across the country from there. To purchase tickets or for more information about the show, please visit Jurassic World Live Tour website

Photos courtesy of Jurassic World Live Tour Facebook page.


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