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Second Chances

Life’s Second Chances That Can Change Everything

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Have you ever felt like asking for a do-over? People of all ages and backgrounds occasionally get the urge to chuck it all and start anew. Whether the reasons are financial, spiritual, romantic, job-related, or something else, they need a major change. The good news is that there are all sorts of ways to address the dilemma. Some find renewal through a faith-based awakening, while others turn to loan refinancing, addiction rehab programs, bankruptcy, or career changes. Here are essential facts about the most powerful techniques for getting the job done.

Refinancing College Loans

Many working adults carry one or more student loans on their personal financial ledgers. For many, the debt is unmanageable or overwhelming at the very least. However, there is an effective, practical solution, and it’s refinancing. Borrowers who choose to take on a brand-new loan agreement can avail themselves of lower monthly payments, more favorable rates, and better terms. Adults who decide to explore student loan refinancing with NaviRefi get the best of the best because they can completely redo their debt structure and come away from the process with more monthly income.

Going Through Addiction Rehab

Since the 1930s, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have offered multiple types of addiction rehabilitation programs for adolescents and adults. Today, there are waiting lists for the top centers. Fortunately, there are enough spaces in other facilities to accommodate anyone who needs help. Of course, a few who graduate from addiction rehab return multiple times and never turn their lives around. However, the vast majority of those who make one or more attempts are eventually successful.

Filing Bankruptcy

Individuals who are in dire financial circumstances turn to bankruptcy. There are a few different routes they can take under the auspices of the federal laws that govern the filing process. The upshot is that some or all their debts are forgiven, but there’s often a payment plan within the final structure of the agreement handed down by the court. It’s important to realize that filing for this kind of relief is not only an extreme step but is also a last resort.

What are the pros and cons? The notable advantage is that the bankruptcy court releases the filer from most or all their indebtedness, and they get a fresh start. The downsides are many, including the fact that the borrower’s credit scores take a major hit. Additionally, those who file soon discover that it is nearly impossible to purchase a home for at least seven years. Before choosing this path, speak with a financial counselor to get solid advice about whether the move is suitable for your situation.

Changing Careers After Age 30

A generation ago, not many people past the age of 30 changed careers. Today, the concept is a common one, and large numbers of unsatisfied workers decide to shift gears and reorient their professional lives in profound ways. There are several approaches they take. For those who hope to get into a business related field, returning to college might make sense, however not all return to college. Others opt to take vocational training or teach themselves computer skills to land positions in various fields. There are wise and unwise ways of building a new career.

The smart option is to do the training and acquire fresh skills while staying in a current job. That way, it’s much simpler to make the transition when the time comes. If you have enough money in the bank to sustain several months without a paycheck, it’s possible to leave an intolerable position and train for another one. However, be sure to live frugally during the interim and consider taking a transition job just to pay the bills.

Having a Spiritual Awakening

Those in all faith traditions know the value of having a spiritual rebirth or awakening after they reach adulthood. Many had grown up in strict environments or in families that followed no religious tradition whatsoever. Then, sometime in their twenties or thirties, they discover an entirely new path. Most who awaken into a fresh spiritual set of beliefs are coming off a recent crisis. What’s the value of such a mental and emotional rejuvenation?

Those who undergo a transformation of great personal magnitude usually reorient their lives, leave destructive habits behind, find peace of mind, and build brand-new living conditions. Is spiritual rebirth a true second chance, or is it just a result of having survived a trauma or crisis? Those who know the situation firsthand don’t really care what the cause is. Instead, they’re grateful for the opportunity to have another shot at building a worthwhile and rewarding future.

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