Leap Day Fun On the Suncoast

Leap Day Fun On the Suncoast

This weekend, we get an extra day in the month of February thanks to 2020 being a “leap” year. Every four years the added day helps to align the yearly and solar calendars.

Since it always takes a smidge more than 365 days a year to make our trip around the sun, the added leap day every four years makes up the difference. Getting an extra day is kind of a big deal, especially to those of us who were born on a leap day.



I was born on February 29, 1968, making this coming leap day my 13th real birthday. Do the math if you want, but I prefer to focus on the fact that I am finally a teenager. As such, when this Saturday comes, my life will become a revolving door of sleeping until noon, waking up to exercise my thumbs on Xbox all day, and ordering DoorDash on my folk’s dime. I’m going to become super sassy and act indignant when anyone asks me to do chores. And then, I’m going to make my mom drive me to Sarasota every weekend to see all the friends. I think I have this teenage thing well thought out.

The Moonlight GardenPeople often ask leap-year babies, “Which day do you celebrate on, February 28th or March 1st ?” For me, March 1st was always the obvious choice since I technically wasn’t born yet on the 28th. I’ve been fortunate to celebrate the leap years with a lot of parties, but truth be told I never really liked the added birthday attention. I prefer to turn another quarter year older each year quietly, rather than with a lot of fuss. And because it takes an entire four years for me to age one year, I kind of forget the whole “real” birthday thing happens. But, since I feel the pressure to make this 29th extra-special, I’ve made expensive dinner reservations, gathered my people, and have placed high expectations on my family to make the entire day epic. Being 13, I can do that.

For those of you struggling with leap day plans, do not fret. A bevy of local happenings will help you celebrate your extra day with flair and we’re happy to lead you to them, just look below. If you happen to run into a leap year baby this Saturday, February 29th you can say, “Happy Birthday” with confidence.

Wicked Dophin rum.Leap Day! Reggae Block Party, The Gator Club 1490 Main Street, Sarasota
This is the fourth year running for the Reggae Music Block Party to honor the late musician, Oswald Caines of Democracy Reggae Band. Admission is $5 for everyone over five-years-old, with plenty of family activities, food, drinks, live bands and a whole lot more. The event begins at 4PM on February 29th. For more information, check out their FB page here.

Leap Year Party with South Trail Band at Big Top Brewing Company, 6111 B Porter Way, Sarasota
Who doesn’t love microbrews in the presence of great musicians? Let South Trail Band light up your leap day with great tunes. Featuring classic rock, alternative, county, blues, funk – – the South Trail Band has a little ditty for everyone. The party starts this February 29th at 7PM. For more information, visit their FB page here.

Leap Day Garden Party and Cocktail Chemistry Classes, Edison Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers
This fun event encompasses the best that the Edison Ford Winter Estates offer with entry to the Moonlight Garden, Ford’s Factory Art Room, light snacks and great drinks. Admission is $30/members, $35/non-members and $40/non-members day of event. An additional $20/non-members gets you into the Cocktail Chemistry Classes, where attendees will learn how to create two exquisite drinks from local Wicked Dolphin rum. The happenings are on February 29th from 6PM to 9PM. For details, please visit their FB page here.

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos and Edison Ford Winter Estates.


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