It’s the Little Things

Why are you thankful? I know we all have the major categories to rattle off, such as family, health, friendships, and a decent job.  Surely, these blessings come to the forefront for many.  But as you go through the rigors of daily life, often it is the smallest, mundane, overlooked details that really give your world a happy spin.

Take coffee, for example.  When that commercial jingle comes on with “The best part of waking up” they aren’t kidding.  I like to make coffee the night before so that my first aroma can be whatever flavored coffee I am into.  Currently, it is Santa’s White Christmas, which smells like white chocolate.  I know on a chilly morning, a piping hot cup of coffee is like a comfortable blanket or new pair of socks, it just feels right.  And on any morning, a cup of coffee to-go feels like the perfect accompaniment for errands, work, or a day of fun, especially if made by your favorite barista. 

Have you had the experience of patronizing a business, mainly because of one of the employees?  Almost daily, I see this young man named William who is a cashier at a store I frequent. I have seen this kid take flak from impatient jerks without much empathy, especially for a kid behind a cash register.  People have yelled at and berated him, along with blaming him for bare shelves and sale prices not registering.  Yet, William just nods and smiles politely, never losing his composure.  He says “hi” with a cheery smile to the next person in line as if the thrashing he just received never even happened.  “Always be kind and don’t take any of it personally” seems to be his mantra and I like it.  Williams’ vibe is worth paying a little more for a product I could easily get elsewhere.


Sometimes gratitude is born from life’s missteps.  Recently, I lost a longtime friend to COVID-19.  She fought like a samurai for many months but eventually was overtaken by this beast of a disease with so many unknowns attached.  You never really know which segments of your life will end up being your best, but I think of my years working with and becoming fast friends with Tammy as some of my most cherished.  After we moved away, she was the one we chose to stand up with and say our vows. We would meet for concerts and such, but as my kids were born, I really stopped making the effort I should have and had not seen Tammy in a long time.  Her passing has left me with a great loss.  If only I had taken more opportunities to see Tammy.  Through this experience, I am acutely aware of the preciousness of time spent with the few I hold near and dear.  I thank Tammy for so much, including this reminder to be more attentive to those I love.

What are the details that make your life rich and full?  We hope this Thanksgiving you are able to take stock of all those lovely, small reasons to be grateful.   May they make up a beautiful tapestry of hope, love, renewal, and above all gratefulness to surround your holidays with great warmth.  Happy Thanksgiving to our readers!

Photos courtesy of Thanksgiving Cottage Facebook page.

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