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IMPACT100 SRQ awards four grants of $101,000 each for the 2021 Giving Year

| Suncoast Post Staff |

On November 6, 2021, the Suncoast’s premier Women’s Collective giving organization awarded four grants of $101,000 each to four local nonprofits at its Annual Celebration held at Art Ovation.

Local nonprofits who completed Impact100 SRQ’s online Eligibility Form and satisfied its criteria were invited to submit their grant applications earlier this year.  They specifically identified and described their initiative details for consideration in one of the five Impact100 SRQ focus areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment & Recreation, Family, and Health & Wellness. Each applicant described in its application both its mission and the ways in which the grant, if awarded, would be used to benefit the community. For more nonprofit info go to the website.

The dedicated volunteer members of Impact100 SRQ spent the summer carefully reviewing and vetting the applicants and ultimately selected five finalists, one in each focus area. 

During Impact100 SRQ’s Annual Celebration, the 5 finalists gave five-minute presentations about their respective initiatives and the impact they would have on the Suncoast community.   After the finalists were presented, the organization’s 404 amazing women voted to award grants to…


Girls Inc. of Sarasota County

Crowley Museum & Nature Center Inc

HOPE Family Services, Inc.

Resilient Retreat, Inc.

“Impact100 SRQ entered its third giving year with dedicated and passionate women who are committed to joining together to solve problems in our community. Although it remains difficult year after year to narrow down our grant applicant finalists from so many deserving nonprofits in the community, the silver lining is that each nonprofit that submits a grant application receives greater visibility among 404 generous local women who may not have known the organization and its needs, and who may individually consider lending their time, talent and treasure where needed,” said Jane Watt, President of Impact100 SRQ.

Impact100 SRQ has now awarded a total of 9 transformational grants, and with the 24-month initiative completion requirement, our community is already reaping the rewards of these grant dollars. The organization has funded initiatives for Mothers Helping Mothers (2019), The Haven (2019), The Children’s Cancer Center (2020), Mayors’ Feed the Hungry (2020), and The SKY Family YMCA (2020) as well as the 4 newest grant recipients above.  As of today, the aggregate amount of Impact100 SRQ’s grant funding in the Suncoast community is $974,000. Our local chapter is the fastest-growing worldwide.

For women feeling inspired by the Impact100 SRQ mission, now is the time to join. The Membership Drive for the 2022 giving year is open until February 28th, 2022. If you would like to learn more about Impact100 SRQ and how to become a member, visit the group’s website at


Impact100 SRQ is one of more than sixty chapters worldwide and joins its sister chapters in embracing the local collective giving model. Formed in 2018, Impact100 SRQ brings together a diverse group of women that annually fund transformational grants to local nonprofits in both Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The model is simple. At least 100 women each give a $1,000 tax-deductible donation, and together they collectively award grants in increments of at least $100,000 to local nonprofits in five focus areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment & Recreation, Family and Health & Wellness. Each member’s annual donation strengthens the power of giving and funds the innovative projects that make a high “Impact” and sustainable difference in our community. To learn more about Impact100 SRQ, visit IMPACT100 SRQ.

Photos from Impact 100

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