Hurricane Irma- A Little Hint from a Country Boy, Ron Furner

Hurricane Irma- A Little Hint from a Country Boy, Ron Furner

Ron Furner gave the Sarasota Post permission to reprint his Facebook post. Thank you, Ron!

If you live in Florida – Mandatory: Generator. The power WILL go out – most likely. Shutters for your windows, Duct Tape (just because it fixes about everything). For me… a gun, because thieves know you have cash on hand from ATMs for the storm, and about a dozen empty water jugs for refilling of water. Every hurricane season people go nuts right before the storm looking for this stuff.

THIS IS FLORIDA PEOPLE! We have hurricanes. Save yourself the stress. It’s simple. Then sit back and watch everyone ELSE stress out.

Buy A Generator For The Next HurricaneFollow these few steps. “Country Folks Can Survive”. Be one and be prepared!

Oh, and by the way, NOW is the time to buy a generator. People are selling new ones for cheap just because the storm is over and they don’t feel the need to have one anymore. But, hurricane season is NOT over and we will have another hurricane season next year.

THIS Country Boy was READY! Were YOU???????

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Hurricane Irma, portable generator, Ron Furner

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