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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

| Sande Caplin |

This Sunday marks a bullseye on Mom’s favorite holiday, that holy day of “rest” when mom gets to lay low while her tribe takes care of the tasks she does daily. Don’t want to do the dishes? This is the day to get that one done for you. Want to lay in the sun, sans kids?

I mean, kids are great on Mother’s Day and all, but when they’re little and you are with them all of the time, a couple hours with just you and a good book is a necessary recharger. So, if you’re all about the beach, the spa, a good dinner, some old-fashioned pampering, moms, then you should get this and more on your special day. Hopefully, you are celebrated day in and out, but as we all know, life happens and we often forget to tell mom we love her, value her, respect all she does and gives for the good of the family, and, we promise we will do our best to make her feel special more than just on the obligatory second Sunday in May.

What are your plans for your moms, stepmoms, wives, sisters, grandmothers? There are so many lovely ways to say, “I love you,” and often there are several people you should say it to. If you are a new mom, or new-to-be mom, then this is a special Mother’s Day for you. All of us mothers can likely remember our first “mom” holidays. It was an unexpected gift to get this new holiday where you were showered with presents and recognition, all for giving birth and doing your duty as a human being. For those who have recently lost a mother, or even if you lost your mother 20 years ago, her absence is deep and lasting. But you do so appreciate the opportunities you had to celebrate your mom and would give anything to be able to buy just one more card or make one more “Hi, Mom,” call. Whatever part you hold on this coming Mother’s Day, we hope you enjoy your day, know your worth, feel the love and pass it on to the moms in your life. As far as gift and activity ideas for Sunday, we’ve compiled your ABC’s of Moms Day with old standards and new traditions you can create with your family. Photos: Happy Mother’s Day courtesy of maf04 on Flickr, commercial use allowed. I love you Mom courtesy of Virginia L. on Flickr, commercial use allowed.

Make something for Mom. In a digital age where photos rarely make it past Facebook or a Desktop Wallpaper, print out this year’s greatest shots from family gatherings, weddings, birthdays and special places and frame a few. Every mom loves to show off photos of her loved ones around the house and condo so pick out a trendy frame, fill it with her favorite faces, and watch her beam.

Order it up. These days if you can dream it and mom loves it, you can order from supplier to doorstep wrapped and ready to be torn into. Gourmet dipped strawberries, succulent pears, beautiful flowers and pajamas are wonderful to receive, and if you can’t be there, a fresh and unique mail-order gift is a nice stand-in.

Mother's Day 2017

Take mom out to her favorite restaurant or go out on a limb and choose a new place you know she’d like but might need a nudge to try. A dinner cruise is just unique enough to have mom bragging to her card buddies about her great night and that Sarasota sunset. Any number of fresh seafood restaurants can provide an amazing lobster and shrimp dinner, elegant enough for a holiday, yet fresh and locally-caught.   Or, combine a movie and dinner and let mom choose the show. If romance movies are her thing, then pleasantly play along. You can handle anything for two hours.

Help mom out around the house. That’s right kids, pick up your clothes, run the vacuum up and down the carpet a few times, take the garbage out and you’re on your way to making mom’s day great. If you have an older parent, why not pressure wash her house, do some painting or plant a flower garden for her. With the hectic lifestyles we all have, sometimes they don’t ask for help, but our older mothers would love their homes spruced up too!

Enjoy a day as a tourist. Take mom to the beach for a picnic where every detail, down to the fresh flowers in the vase on the picnic table is attended to. Grab your cameras and visit a local landmark like Mote Marine, Ringling Museum, Jungle Gardens or Selby Gardens. It may have been years since your family has visited these destinations and you might be surprised at what is new and exciting. Or delight her with a road trip to Disney World or Universal Studios. Remember all those trips she planned for you? Time to pay her back with snacks for the road and matching t-shirts for all.

Remember your mom all year long. If she doesn’t live here, hopefully you are visiting with her regularly and documenting all the history she has to share. That is something I dearly wish I had done with my mom. Send cards, call often, make sure she stays in the loop with your kids. If you’re lucky enough to be able to share your children with your mom, treasure those moments. Savor every smile between your children and her, really live in those moments when she is smiling at you like only a mother can. To all of you mothers out there, doing a good job and helping to raise happy, kind children, you are beautiful warriors and we hope you love this Mother’s Day!

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