Happy Leaping February on the Florida Suncoast

Happy Leaping February on the Florida Suncoast

Do you know what is great about February? Everything! Though short in stature, it holds the powerhouse “love” holiday plus an extra day off for the kids, thanks to President’s Day.

And it is so-well timed, coming right off the heels of Christmas and New Year. February is the “it” month. And just when you think it cannot seemingly get better, we get to see February’s flexibility, welcoming an entire extra day to the year, February 29th, or “leap day.” For many, including me, this will mean getting to see an actual birthday on the calendar. Trust me, this is large business for us who have grown up longing to see a “29” at the end of February’s story.



Let’s break down all the fun that our good friend February is bringing to everyone on the Suncoast this year! There really is so much to do along the Suncoast during the best time of the year when the weather is enviable by anyone not living right here. Add in the fact that February 29 occurs on a Saturday and the excitement is palpable, especially to us leap year babies.

The Full Moon Concert Series at Myakka State Park features Southern Cross.Has anyone attended the Full Moon Concert Series held at Myakka State Park? This weekend we are excited to see what all the fuss is about. Any event that allows well-behaved, leashed dogs always gets elevated in the hierarchy of what I might do on a given weekend. The Full Moon Concert Series sponsored by Myakka Outpost-The Lazy Gator Café occurs each month as the full moon rises. I am pretty sure sitting in the woods with fire pits ablaze and music in the air will be a wonderful way to spend an evening. Southern Cross, a Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young premiere tribute band, performs this Friday, February 7th at 7PM. Tickets are $25 each, with food and beverages provided by an onsite vendor. For more information, please visit their FB page here.

Also happening this month is Valentine’s Day, which for many might mean flowers, sappy wishes, and wining and dining. On the other end of that might be another sort of whining, coming from those of you who find this overly showy day of love to be nausea-inducing. Wherever you fall on the topic, I suggest you just take it for what it is – – an extra opportunity to make anyone feel loved or appreciated. It could be your kids, spouse, friend – – it really doesn’t matter. Either indulge in the commercial aspects of it and make a slight splurge on an extra coffee for someone, or pass out compliments, those are free. And, of course, living in paradise surrounded by the best restaurants, malls and boutiques, florists, jewelers, etc. makes going all out on Valentine’s Day that much easier.

You know what else is amazing about February? Living in Florida. I feel like living here during the month of February is akin to receiving a late Christmas gift, year after year. I crave the weather we get in February during the hot months of August/September when everything feels stifled. In February, you get that cool nip in the air balanced with an almost-constant stream of warm Florida sunshine creating the perfect balance. It is always the right time to hit a park, take a walk, wash the car, or see what is playing at the drive-in. I look forward to enjoying some outside dining with a group of mom-friends at Ophelia’s on the Bay toward the latter end of this month. “Old Florida” on the water during a pleasant February evening? Heavenly, and a nice lead up to the big event, leap day!

"What is a  leaper!"As a fellow leaper, I have found it amusing that entire social media groups have dedicated themselves to finding something outrageous to do on their “real” birthday. The bar has sure been set high, with “nine-year-old’s” having Superhero parties and people in their sixties giving new meaning to “Sweet 16 parties.” As for me, I will be eating my way into birthday bliss at the Chef’s Table at Café Barbosso with my beloved. Cannot wait to be surprised by what is on the tasting menu! I have saved all the carbs since my last birthday four years ago to be consumed at this very meal.

Here’s to the other leap year babies in the world. I am fortunate enough to know a couple! Is anyone that you know expecting a baby around leap day? Please let us know! Or, share how you will be celebrating this coming February 29th if you are enjoying a leap year birthday. And to all my February 29th comrades, “Happy Birthday!” It is about leaping time.

Photos courtesy of Facebook page “Birthday February 29th LEAP YEAR BABIES!” and Myakka Outpost – The Lazy Gator Cafe FB page

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