Happy Earth Day! 

Happy Earth Day! 

This year, I’m going to commit to buying as much as I can in the bulk food aisles from stores that allow me to use my own containers. This is an area that I’m currently failing in and I kind of, sort of, hate that. 

Packaging. All of the packaging waste drives me nuts. Seriously. Single-use plastic bottles, filled with substances that are horrible for our bodies, have to go. A box, filled with a plastic bag, filled with quinoa or rice, makes no sense when I can just put it in a glass jar I already have. This is an area that is going to take some serious work on my part, but I’m going to commit to it. I also would like to get a set of reusable produce bags to avoid using the plastic ones at the stores.Any recommendations of ones that you use and love would be greatly appreciated. ?

Jessica Barhitte challenge!Waste. I don’t think recycling is the answer. The fact that so much single-use waste exists in the first place is what needs to be addressed and there is so much I can do to lessen my impact. 

I love you, Earth. You’re going to outlive me by like, a bazillion years, but I don’t want the plastic I use today to live on to negatively impact your soils and waters and end up hurting and killing wildlife for a thousand years after I die. That is just entirely unnecessary. 

Tell me what you are going to commit to this year to make yourself a more eco-loving human? 

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