Halloween Is For Movie Watching On The Suncoast

Halloween Is For Movie Watching On The Suncoast

One of the best aspects of the Halloween season is the accompanying horror flicks!

There is something so right about dimming the lights, popping the corn, then settling in on the couch for some spine-tingling thrills. Whether you are funny immersed in the scare fest or need a blanket to cover your eyes from the really morbid parts, movie-watching around the holidays is as much a part of the action as hanging flying witches in your window or eating candy corn.



One of the first scary movies I ever saw, and one which burned the image of a hand coming out from a grave into my impressionable mind forever, was “Carrie.” Why were they so mean to that girl? Couldn’t they sense her type of revenge could leave them dangling from the rafters of the gymnasium? “Carrie” is a good PSA for anti-bullying. My second romp into a Halloween movie experience was all the Freddie Krueger movies. Being an 80’s kid, it was somewhat of an obligatory viewing on my behalf. I never really liked the movies, found all the characters to be dimwits and that “coo coo coo” “chee chee chee” music/noise going on in the background was annoying to me. But, if everyone was going to see “Friday the 13th”, then I had to go along, too. Now I think it is fun to watch all 789 Freddie Krueger movies in succession.

Scary Halloween movies are fun to watch!For fun with the kids, I always enjoyed the Addams Family movies around Halloween. I still find Wednesday’s acerbic wit to be akin to my own. The dinner scene in Beetlejuice where everyone is forcibly dancing to “Day-o” is still hilarious, and “Hocus Pocus” has its merits, though I was never a diehard fan like some. I love all the “Halloweentown” movies for their simplicity and nostalgic factor. But, like many, my heart will always side with “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Though I now watch it alone, each Halloween season I tune in for the sad but hopeful exploits of America’s favorite kid gang.

So many scary Halloween movies to choose from!If you are not turning to retro offerings for this year’s haunted viewings, Halloween movies debuting this season are an eclectic bunch. “IT Chapter Two” follows the exploits of Pennywise, the undefeatable clown who returns to the small town of Derry, Maine to wreak havoc on his favorite group of teenagers who now more resemble geriatric patients. It is three hours of the Losers Club going at it with a clown, and in the end, the joke is on the kids, again. This year’s version of “The Addams Family” is animated and looks like a cute family movie with Charize Theron taking on Morticia’s voice and Oscar Isaac going in as Gomez. I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble our favorite macabre family is mixing up for Halloween. Angelina Jolie fans have been looking forward to “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” coming out on October 18th. But, for me, difficult family issues are best saved for dramas that I will never watch. When it comes to Halloween, I want to giggle from being scared, nothing more nefarious than that.

What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch? We would love to hear from those of you who enjoy a boo-tiful movie on a Fright-day night. Whether you are viewing them from the comfort of your own home or are supporting one of our local movie theaters, we witch you a fangtastic time with this year’s Halloween movies.

Photos courtesy of Halloweenmovies Facebook page.

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