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Party Tips

Great Party Tips to Host the Best Holiday Party on the Suncoast in 2021

| Angela Naff |

The holidays are a time together with friends, family and enjoy this end of year time. Unfortunately, hosting such events comes the stress of finding unique ways to make your gathering stick out. Additionally, finding treats, activities, and food to fit everyone can be a challenge if you have a range of ages to accommodate. This holiday makes hosting a great get-together easy and stress-free with a few of these great party tips.

Must Have Games

If you want to ensure everyone enjoys your party this year, you have to add some fun games to the mix. Nothing overly fancy, just a way to engage everyone and keep them mingling. For instance: ornament-on-a-spoon races, an ugly sweater contest, or a cookie recipe taste-off. Don’t forget the always crowd-pleasing “who am I” type games. Give everyone a sticky note with a Christmas character’s name written on it. Have each person stick it on their forehead (so they can’t see it) and let them guess what character they are.

Use What You Have

The first of the party tips is about the decorations. Before you spend hundreds on groceries and party supplies, take a look at what you might already have in your pantry, cabinets, and storage spaces. You might be surprised what goodies you can find in storage tubs, attics, and even your cabinets that have been put together to make unique decorations. Fancy items from your wedding or previous gifts you received that never did fit in with your decor. Crafting items that you and the family can help make into the perfect accents around the home. Make it a scavenger hunt of sorts to see what unique things can be hiding right in your existing stores before blowing a ton on new items.

Christmas party

Hot Cocoa Bar for the Win

Here is another of the best party tips for planning the food and beverage of the evening. Who doesn’t love hot cocoa this time of year, so why not offer a cocoa bar at your party. This is an easy alternative to full bar and cocktails as it allows guests to build their sweet concoctions to enjoy throughout your party. And yes – even a few adult beverages can be added for additional festive vibes as the kids drink theirs with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Here is a great list of things to remember to build the perfect hot cocoa bar:

  • Hot chocolate mix—There are so many flavors available, ranging from traditional cocoa to more adventurous ones like spicy aztec and mocha.
  • Milk—Fresh milk is the best, but if any of your guests have dietary restrictions, opt for dairy-free alternatives, such as soy or almond milk.
  • Whipped cream—Either store-bought or homemade whipped cream works well.
  • Marshmallows —Since some individuals prefer layering their marshmallows with whipped cream, offer both.
  • Toppings —Chocolate chips, chopped nuts, crushed peppermints, and candy cane add extra oomph to this decadent beverage.
  • Dipping treats—Include some cookies and waffles to nibble on.
  • Sprinkles—A must-have if you have kids.
  • Alcohol—Bailey’s and Kahlua are a great addition for adults.
Hot cocoa

Snap the Memories

Consider a selfied station for those holiday memory photos of your amazing get-together. For an affordable alternative to pricey photo booths, gather a few fun props (Santa hats, reindeer antlers, silly glasses, etc.) and encourage guests to grab a prop, take a shot, and hashtag it. (You can inform everyone of the party’s hashtag in your email invitations and remind them at the party.) It’s a fun way to relive the revelry and see fun pics that others took.

Now, go plan, execute and get ready for some amazing holiday get-together. With a little bit of imagination, you can make 2021 the best memory-making year of get-together fun in your family. Whether you take the ideas we provided, tweak them with some inspiration of your own or have your plan to make this a memorable year – everyone is sure to rave about your efforts.


Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos and Pexels

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