Give Where You Live In Sarasota CountyGive Where You Live In Sarasota County

Give Where You Live In Sarasota County

If you’re a follower of The Sarasota Post, then you know we love reporting on the wonderful charitable and philanthropic actions of others.  It seems every weekend there is another event benefitting this person or that cause.  There are people who wake up every morning and quietly begin the day by considering those who are homeless or struggling, then go about the business of helping them in meaningful ways.  They are the first to step up for a friend in need, donating their time or business interests to help.  They say gratitude is the key to happiness and all you must do is look around to see the good that people are doing.  

Red Day, Renew-Energize-DonateI recently had the pleasure of having a bird’s-eye peek on a local business providing a huge blessing for the people I work for.  Neither I, nor The Sarasota Post, had anything to do with arranging it; I was merely lucky enough to be a watcher.  While you can catch me, most weekends writing my weekly article about interesting adults in the area, my days are filled helping teach exceedingly interesting children, each with their own unique gifts, sparkling in a way I’ve not seen in most humans.  My perch on humanity at its best is at The Lotus Center for Autism, a non-profit private school for children with autism and other special needs in Englewood.  We were chosen by a group of red-shirt clad angels from Keller Williams Realty Gold, also located in Englewood with one mission:  To enrich the lives of the amazing students who attend our school with a new playground, and completely freshened facility.  They surpassed their mission, and in a day’s work, changed the lives of not only the students, but everyone who witnessed their hard work and dedication.

“Red Day” (renew, energize, donate) is a community service initiative that Keller-Williams associates across the United States and Canada participate in.  With a mantra to “give where you live,” they choose non-profits in the community, compile a list of their needs and wants, and coordinate with other businesses in the area to arrange further assistance for Red Day.  Coupled with a day of intense hard work from employee volunteers, and non-profits such as the one I work for receive a showering of love and useful items to benefit the lives of, in my case, the children who are there every day.

Red Day for our school meant deserving and excited children received the opportunity of a playground where they could stretch their legs each day, play in the sand or under canopied play areas, and spend time in the fresh air.  Several planters filled with veggies and herbs, decorated with their handprints, are growing stronger each day under the keen eye of the kids who love taking turns with the watering cans.  Next school year, the veggies will be “harvested” by our students and prepared into a nice soup or something they can all enjoy together.  The lessons abound with small gifts from Mother Nature that so inspire our children.  Newly painted parking lines and potted plants really enhance the school for the families dropping their kids off and a beautiful new sign with school information completes the picture.  Indoors, freshly painted walls, large chalkboards, mounted interactive whiteboards, dry-erase tables, new tablets and computers round out the amazing blessings that were bestowed on the students of this amazing little school in Englewood.  Every day the acts of Keller Williams on Red Day have unfolded new opportunities for our little learners to explore their world in exciting ways.  They feel very loved.  What a great concept, to “give where you live.” 

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Photos courtesy of Keller Williams Realty Gold Facebook page & website. 

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