Fun Activities for an Amazing Staycation Here on the Suncoast

For many of us, a big trip this summer might be out of the question for many reasons. Never fear; we have some great ideas to make a memorable staycation this summer. Whether you are just looking for a breather from school, sports, work, and the busy pace of life this summer, or something to engage the entire family, here are a few great ideas for your Suncoast staycation.

Picnic at the Beach

Picnic Staycation
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There’s something so inviting about laying down a blanket and unpacking a basket full of delicious goodies. You don’t have to worry about creating the perfect spread of food, even some simple sandwiches or your favorite take-out will be tasty. This can be a cheap staycation idea for couples at home. If the weather isn’t favorable, bring the picnic indoors. You can create a theme to make it fun, such as Mexican food or party appetizers.

Try Local Restaurants

Supporting the local economy is needed, and hospitality is one of the most vulnerable industries. Take time to acknowledge your local restaurants, spend time eating there, and support them. Remember: if you’re staycationing, they’re working, so make sure you’re always nice and supportive. Savor Sarasota restaurants have expanded some offerings and might be a good option.

At-Home Spa Day

Who doesn’t like the idea of being spoiled and pampered at a spa? The great thing about them is that they are usually easy to find and you can create your own home spa day experience (with an at-home spa checklist)!

Spa On Suncoast
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Some simple ingredients – set the mood with tranquil music (try nature sounds or calming tunes), add nice lighting (not too bright), and an aromatic diffuser with your favorite essential oils (lavender for relaxation, lemon for stimulation, peppermint for relieving tension or chamomile for calm) – soft candlelight also works well for creating a relaxing mood. Next, enjoy a massaging foot soak, facial mask, and bubble bath with a good read or meditation. If you’re with your significant other, reciprocate massages and foot rubs.

Digital Detox

Digital Staycation

You already know that spending tons of time on your phone isn’t good for you. Overusing technology affects your productivity and well-being. If you’re glued to news reports and your Twitter timeline, a staycation is a prime time to disconnect — even if it’s just for a short while.

You don’t have to ditch technology for an entire weekend. Instead, try these easy ways to disconnect:

  • Stay off your most-used social media platforms for a day.
  • Put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Place it in another room while you focus on something else, like reading or meditating.
  • Don’t look at screens after dark. Journal, go on a walk or call a friend instead of video chatting. This is a great way to manage blue light and boost your sleep quality.

Backyard Movie Theater

You can still enjoy a date night with your honey or a fun night with the family in the privacy of your own backyard. Set up a projector in the backyard and play your favorite movies. Grab a few chairs, blankets, and pillows for comfortable seating and viewing. Pop the popcorn, bring your favorite candy, and relax. 

What things are you planning to do for your staycation this summer? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for just one total silent day from phones, social media, and work or a long weekend; you can knock it out of the park with these ideas or unique touches. No matter what, have an amazing staycation, and we hope you are refreshed afterward to get back to life’s stressors.


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