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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines from Tampa,  A Bad Experience in the Terminal / A Better Experience On The Plane!

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Air travel used to be associated with a sense of adventure, excitement, and the promise of new adventures. This is not always the case!   Frontier Airlines, the ultra-low-cost airline, is getting a reputation as a very unfriendly airline.  They have managed to tarnish the flying experience for countless travelers. From exorbitant fees to impersonal service, the airline’s reputation leaves much to be desired.

One of the most striking examples of Frontier Airlines unfriendliness is their policy regarding boarding passes. In a time when most airlines provide boarding passes free of charge, Frontier Airlines has made it a point to charge their customers a whopping $25.00 for the privilege of printing a boarding pass at the counter. (not confirmed) This charge is applied without exception, leaving travelers feeling exploited and unappreciated before they even set foot on the plane.  We found out that airlines can charge a fee to help you at the airport.

The unfriendliness of Frontier Airlines extends to their handling of luggage as well. Recently, a couple of friends were flying Frontier from Tampa International Airport to Denver.  They were so excited to go on their long-awaited vacation, were shocked to discover that their checked bag, weighing a mere two pounds over the 40-pound limit, would result in an additional charge of $50.00. Such a hefty fee for a negligible weight difference reflects a lack of compassion and understanding on the part of the airline, making passengers feel more like cash cows instead of valued customers.  And, by the way, they had to wait on line for over an hour to check the bag and that was at 4:30am.  Here are some of the optional services from Frontier .

The experience at the gate only adds to the notion that Frontier Airlines is an unfriendly airline. The gate agents move about like storm troopers on a mission, patroling the area vigilantly, seeking out bags that won’t fit under the seat. The atmosphere becomes tense, with passengers anxiously checking and rechecking their belongings, afraid of incurring further charges. The airline’s focus on strict regulations and penalties creates an environment of fear and discomfort, hardly conducive to a pleasant travel experience.  Here are some customer reviews about the service they received.

Customer service, a pillar of any reputable business, falls woefully short at Frontier Airlines. Their lack of live telephone customer service representatives is a glaring testament to their unfriendliness. Instead of providing a human touch, Frontier Airlines relegates all interactions to an impersonal online system. When passengers encounter issues or need assistance, they are left to navigate a series of automated responses and frustrating processes. The absence of a real person to address concerns leaves customers feeling isolated and unheard.

Amidst the sea of frustration and disappointment, there is a glimmer of hope—the Frontier Flight Attendants. Despite the airline’s unfriendly reputation, the flight attendants on Frontier Airlines flights often serve as beacons of warmth and helpfulness. They display genuine friendliness, going above and beyond their duties to ensure passenger comfort and safety. That is a stark contrast between the flight attendants and the rest of the airline’s operations is a bittersweet reminder that pockets of kindness can still be found, even within an unfriendly environment.

Frontier Airlines has earned its reputation as an unfriendly airline through a combination of excessive fees, impersonal service, and an overall disregard for the passenger experience. From the moment travelers step foot in the airport to the time they disembark at their destination, they are met with an atmosphere of hostility and indifference. However, amidst this cloud of unfriendliness, the flight attendants shine as rays of light, offering a glimmer of hope and reminding us of the power of human connection.

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To be fair, we have read about instances where flying Frontier was excellent from start to finish.  We would love to hear about your experience when you flew with Frontier!

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