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Forks and Corks Fills The Ringling In Sarasota

Forks and Corks Fills The Ringling In Sarasota

| Sande Caplin |

The 10th Annual Forks & Corks event held at The Ringling last weekend was a beautiful success despite a gray start to the day.  Attendees took the weather as a cue to don boots, jackets, and an occasional hat to meander the rows of well-stocked tables full of Sarasota’s finest food and wine fare. 

With a backdrop, reminiscent of a gothic period film, The Ringling bears out all a ticketholder could want in location, location, location!  Though ticket prices are staunch for many, the payoff of scrumptious morsels from an elite group of local restaurants pared with exquisite wines from select vineyards is a fair trade-off.  Combine that with a slow shuffle of movement from the crowd through the maze of tables and fabulous statues, intertwined with restaurateurs grilling and skewering, makes one wonder what John Ringling would think of the goings-on among the grounds of his beloved Ca’ d’Zan.  He would probably love it, given he embraced the progression and flare of Sarasota.  

Wine Tasting Sarasota Florida

Forks & Corks began in 2008 with 54 restaurants, 78 wineries, and four visiting winemakers in attendance.  Last year a whopping 1500 visitors attended Forks & Corks and online ticket sales sold out in a mere two minutes.  Mark your calendars now for the last weekend of January 2018, the traditional date of the Forks & Corks event.  You’ll discover new nooks and crannies of The Ringling all while sampling some of the most delicious foods and wines available.  It is a picture-worthy, appetite-inducing, creativity inspiring afternoon that all should enjoy. 

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photos from Forks and Corks Facebook Page

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