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California King

Floridians Are Losing Sleep: Here’s How A California King Bed Can Help

As America enters daylight savings, some states fare better than others in getting a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, Florida falls right into the “others” category and even stands out among its peers with how little sleep people get. Floridians are ranked the 10th most sleep-deprived, rivaling New Yorkers for the city that never sleeps. 

A high-quality mattress can do wonders to fix sleep problems, and the hero to Florida’s perils may be a California King bed. Read on for how this can help you get those much-needed hours of sleep.  

Offering more space for different needs

One of the key factors to good sleep is having a good sleeping position. This requires a comfortable bed with ample space to stretch out without contorting your body into weird positions. You’re also more likely to get a whole night’s rest when you don’t have to wake up to readjust your position. 

The most significant demographic benefitting from the size of a California King is tall people. Still, it is also great for couples or pet owners who want enough room to sleep without feeling cramped. This bed is longer than a regular King bed and wider than a Queen, making it perfect whether you’ve got a big build, enjoy snuggling with your partner, or like to take afternoon naps with your beloved pet. Celebrants of National Napping Day would be happy to learn that a short, restful nap has been a proven balm for sleep deprivation. It reduces fatigue, increases alertness, and improves your mood. With the ample size of the California King, Floridians can feel refreshed, whether as a solo sleeper or with some naptime buddies. 

Creating a beautiful ambiance

Your environment significantly impacts the quality of your sleep. Studies show that your home environment dramatically impacts your overall wellness, physical condition, and mental health. The mind naturally reacts to surrounding factors like decor, lighting, and clutter, so it’s worth taking the time to prep your space for relaxation.

If you want to invest in a bed for building ambiance, you can also look into sets with matching dressers and nightstands. This cohesive look ties the whole room together and makes it easier to keep things clean. You can check out these California king bedroom sets here on Living Spaces and see what aesthetic matches your taste the most. Camila is upholstered and works for the minimal Nordic-style home, while the likes of the Alton Cherry II use warm hardwood to evoke a sense of nature and tranquility. Creating the look of a green space is good for your cognitive function and has been proven to improve sleep.  

Saving money in the long run

A good California King will help you sleep not only because of its comfortable build but also because of its cost-efficiency. More than three million Floridians are in a sleep crisis, and a survey by BadCredit found the top reason for sleepless nights to be financial worries. While investing in this type of bed may not solve your other woes, it can at least be one less thing to worry about in the long run. 

When you have a good bed, you don’t have to worry about replacing it too soon due to quality concerns. On top of that, having an excellent space to rest nets you plenty of savings in the health department, as sleep is a crucial factor in avoiding chronic health issues and keeping your immune system up. California King beds also work for growing children, as they can accommodate changes in height quickly with a lot of leeway for growth spurts. Quality mattresses within this range should last you years and won’t be too costly to maintain. If you read CNBC’s article on when to change your mattress, you’ll find that different mattress materials will also contribute to how long one will last. Latex generally survives the longest, being suitable for around 15 years before it needs changing. If you have a lower-quality mattress, be it memory foam or innerspring, it’s best to change it after five years. 

Photo from Unsplash

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