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Florida Suncoast Experiencing Slow Downs on the Internet

We did an unofficial survey and contacted folks in the Florida cities of Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Cortez, Bradenton Beach, Sarasota, Venice, Naples, Fort Myers, Englewood, North Port and a few more. We wanted to find out if they were experiencing slow internet speeds. Approximately 80% said “yes, surfing the web has become slow and painful.”

Think of it as bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate. You speed up, you slow down, and it goes on and on. That is what is happening on the internet. With a worldwide / nationwide ‘stay at home’ in effect in many cities, just about everyone is working from home.

With schools closed and “on-line” learning in place millions of kids are learning through the internet. And with most offices in the world closed, workers are home and using the internet at a feverish pace with video conferencing.

And more! We are all streaming 24 hours a day. We are using Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, Plex, Roku, and so many other services. It’s hard to imagine how all of this streaming continues to work. We have heard that some of the streaming companies are reducing the quality of their streaming at different times of the day to keep up with bandwidth demand.

What can you do? Not very much. We all need to use the internet. Calling your internet service provider won’t get you anywhere. They are overwhelmed with calls and after being kept on hold when you do get through you won’t be happy with the answer you are getting.

So, be patient! Overall, the internet is still working quite well. A service slowdown here and there is something that we have to learn to live with.

Be safe, be patient and happy surfing.

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