Florida is the Top Trending Destination for Families & Seniors This Spring

From the folks at Airbnb – They have released its list of the top trending international and domestic destinations this spring alongside the top wish-listed Airbnbs in 2022 for U.S. travelers – and it comes as no surprise that destinations across Florida have made the cut. 

As winter weather fades and spring wanderlust approaches, U.S. travelers are anxious to venture farther from home, packing their bags for international destinations like Poro, Portugal and Whistler, Canada. But many families are looking to travel domestically, seeking destinations packed with theme parks and other child-friendly amusements, as well as sunny, warm beaches. With that in mind, Florida is high on the priority list, claiming half of the top destinations for families. 

In addition, adults 60 and older are right alongside those in their 30s, leading the Live Anywhere trend this upcoming spring. This mix of retirees as well as 30-something workers who may no longer be tethered to an office are choosing to live and work anywhere – and they are choosing to do so in Florida, which is among the top destinations for long-term stays among older adults this spring.

With families and older adults packing their bags for Florida, this is great news for locals who may be interested in earning extra income by hosting – and Airbnb has made it easier than ever to get started. In May, we launched a new onboarding process with just 10-steps, and in November, we introduced AirCover, which provides top-to-bottom protection for free to every Airbnb Host with $1 million in damage protection and $1 million in liability coverage, along with income loss protection, pet damage protection, deep cleaning protection, and more. Anyone can visit airbnb.com/host to learn how much their property could make on Airbnb, sign up for a hosting webinar, read about how we support our Hosts and much more. 

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