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Florida Fun Travel – The In-State Tourists

| Barry Foster |

Yes, here at Florida Fun Travel we like to travel (as witnessed by our name). But over the past couple of months this whole Coronavirus thing has really cramped our style.

As things began to close down around us, we got our fun where we could. First, we renewed our love affair with our car. We found drive-in restaurants, drive-in movie theaters even drive-in churches. But as we all know, everything of note was locked down; beaches, shops and the like.

So we spent the time getting ready. We had the car serviced, we re-vamped our toolbox and first aid kit. We went through our picnic basket and travel case to make certain everything was freshened up and in good working order.

On the road again

After several weeks of twiddling our thumbs – things now have loosened up and we are back out on the road again. Actually, we started a weekend early with a trip to Vero Beach. The folks on the Atlantic Coast were a bit quicker to open up and welcome tourists back.

Sea Spray Inn

We had a great stay at the Sea Spray Inn, ate some wonderful food and I have to tell you, as tourists, we were welcomed with open arms. As my father used to say. “You never miss the water ’till the well runs dry.” I am here to tell you that’s the truth. Our trip to Vero Beach was a great getaway and made us hungry for even more travel.

Our eyes now have been on the Gulf, looking for a place to alite and have a great time. Going to the Atlantic is wonderful, especially to see the sunrise. My wife has pointed out that sunrises and sunsets both are wonderful – but there are a lot fewer people around to see the sun come up than there are to see the sun go down.

Lots to see in Florida

As Florida begins to recover economically from this situation caused by the Coronavirus, our suggestion is – get out and see the Sunshine State. There is so much to experience here. From the beaches to the interior. There also are wonderful tourist attractions and points of interest that have nothing to do with the giant theme parks.

Remember, there are plenty of beaches on lakes and rivers as well as the Gulf and the Atlantic. Getting up to the St. Johns River or one of the Florida state parks can take you into a world away – and staying physically distant certainly is not a problem.

Many of the restaurants and attractions have re-opened and need your business – especially the mom and pop operations. Moreover, many of the hotels never actually closed. In fact, we celebrated National Travel & Tourism Week by traveling to nearby Polk County and going to one of our favorite restaurants.

Pirate Ship

This whole situation has encouraged us to take some time and look for places we have not been and things we really want to do. For instance, we have been eyeing a trip on The Pirate Ship at John’s Pass for some time now. Additionally, we think a trip to the historic Silver Springs also may be in our future.

And we are hoping for suggestions from all of you. Please feel free to join us at the Florida Fun Travel Club on Facebook. We also are on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Share your travel experiences and suggestions with us there.

But most importantly, spend some time yourselves getting out and enjoying all we have here in the Sunshine State. It’s the best time of year for it, you will help renew our travel economy and best of all – you’ll have some fun.

Photos from Barry Foster.

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