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Florida Fun Travel

Florida Fun Travel is Staying in Their Car

| Barry Foster |

Well, just like everybody else, Florida Fun Travel’s statewide excursions came to a grinding halt when the restaurants, bars, beaches and just about everything else was shut down due to concerns over the Coronavirus. However, we have become innovative in still trying to keep the wheels of the tourism industry moving forward while staying in our car. We have experienced a drive-in movie, drive-in restaurant and even drive-in church.

Lakeland's Silver Moon Drive-in provides wonderful entertainment and you don't have to leave your car (except for the concession stand of course).
Lakeland’s Silver Moon Drive-in provides wonderful entertainment and you don’t have to leave your car (except for the concession stand of course).

My wife and I continue to search other drive-ins and drive thrus as well. We have taken scenic drives down back roads to see the sights and although we know there are a few drive through animal parks in the state, we have not yet visited any of those. Sadly, the state parks have been shut down, which has limited our options and other places have systematically closed as their traffic has dwindled to just about nothing. However, this has given us an opportunity to get ready for when things open back up again.

Looking forward

We have gone through our car’s first aid kit and toolbox. We have cleaned and reorganized the glove box and console – we even went through our travel bag and picnic basket to have things at the ready. As we have been sawing through these tasks, my wife and I have been discussing places we would like to go and things we wish to do. We have pondered over going back to places we have been previously and had fun. Or perhaps traveling to new and interesting places to see, experience and blog about.

We had a spirited discussion about which we liked better, sunrises or sunsets. This sparked a new idea of going to the Atlantic coast to watch the sun rise, then traveling cross-state to see the sun go down and spend the night on the Gulf. We’re still working out the particulars of that plan.

Hopefully soon

In any event, we do see the Sunshine State getting ready to come back on line, albeit slowly. Already we are talking about where we will go and what we will do when that actually occurs.

There are some great back road drives in Florida.
There are some great back road drives in Florida.

Our hope is to help #savetourism as we #ReopenFl. Already we are trying to determine if there are hotels and motels that might be offering special rates to early arrivals. We also are watching the governor’s office to see what and when things might get back up and running. Most importantly, we have been saving up for the day Florida re-opens for business. Our plan is to travel, have fun and tip generously.

We hope you will follow our adventures at In the meantime here’s another story from us that you might enjoy!

Photos from Barry Foster.

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