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Florida Based Fit2Run Starts New Program to Provide Sneakers to Health Care Heroes

Palmetto, Florida based Fit2Run, The Runner’s Superstore, with twelve locations throughout Florida and Puerto Rico, has launched a new give-back campaign on their website in an effort to raise money to send running shoes to health care heroes battling on the front lines of COVID-19.

Fit For the Frontline was born when a tearful message of thanks from Florida resident, Sylvie, a nurse who traveled to the epicenter of the U.S. to battle with COVID-19 in Queens, New York, was sent to Fit2Run owner, Parks Robinson.

A Fit2Run customer ordered her a pair of Brooks running shoes from Fit2Run to show their gratitude for her hard work, and ensure she had comfortable shoes for her long days. Touched by the gesture, Robinson reached out to Sylvie to get the sizes of her fellow nurses at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and is sending shoes to the team.

Why this footwear

“If it is one thing our running community understands, is how important comfortable sneakers are. And it is no surprise that healthcare workers spend endless hours on their feet so something as simple as a new pair of shoes can provide great comfort to these everyday heroes,” Ruthie Sterrett, Marketing Director at Fit2Run explains.

“Spending over 12 hours on their feet, the right pair of footwear can not only provide comfort but also help fight fatigue, knee, back or hip pain. Not only do they need comfortable shoes every day, but it is helpful to have a different pair of shoes to alternate between every day. Our main goal is to help provide a little bit of relief and show a whole lot of thanks to these heroes.”

Fit2Run has a history of loyal running customers and it is through this community we hope to raise enough money to send shoes from our partner brands such as Asics, Brooks, Hoka and ON to much deserving front line health care heroes by the end of the May.

How to help

“One thing this pandemic has shown me is how united we are as a community. I know, with the help of the Fit2Run family, we can donate more pairs of shoes. To offer these doctors and nurses comfort in a time of crisis, when they are working endless hours on their feet, it is the least we can do. These people are giving up everything to be on the front lines of this battle and they are real American heroes.” A widely agreed upon sentiment from Fit2Run owner, Parks Robinson. “I didn’t know how to help at first, but the video from Sylvie reminded me that sometimes it is the little things, like a new pair of comfortable shoes, can really make a difference.”

If you would like to learn more about Fit for the Front Line, how to donate, or stories from front line heroes, go to

Photo from Fit2Run website.

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