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Florida Baby Boomers Will Love This Story

Florida Baby Boomers Will Love This Story

| Sande Caplin |

Renee Fisher, writer extraordinaire for “Life In The Boomer Lane” shares a very interesting story on her website! Renee has been writing about “Boomers” for many years. The team at the Sarasota Post thought that this story certainly holds true for Sarasota-Bradenton and the entire state of Florida. Here is her story.

Faster, Tougher, Stonger. And Older.

Life in the Boomer Lane has been spending a lot of time lately, trying to avoid listening to the Forces of Evil that keep knocking at her door. Climate Change appears to be the most insistant, followed by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Hatred Against Other Races/Religions/Nationalities/Sexual Orintations/Political Parties, and the IRS (Readers Note: This last item is due solely to LBL’s own personal ongoing altercation with the IRS and not to a general displeasure that she, like countless other Normal Folks are carrying the main burdon of taxes so that Rich Folks can scoff at our stupidity.)

LBL has locked her door, shut the blinds, and stuck her fingers in her ears and yelled “La La la La” as loudly as she could. Nothing appears to be working.

All of these Forces of Evil have prevented her from writing a perky, uplifting post. She has now acknowledged defeat. Instead of uplifting Loyal Readers, she will simply add to the onslaught of Things That Make You Feel Really Bad.



To schieve that end, she will now detail all of the spectacular physical activities that people other than you are engaging in. These folks, unlike many of you, know how to get down on the floor and get up again, without having something to hold on to. They can go up and down stairs quickly. They can retrieve things that have rolled under furniture. They can spring out of bed in the morning and out of chairs at the end of a meal. They can run, jump, pedal, lift, pull, push, throw, and breathe. They can probably also get through the day without forgetting where everything is, but this is simply an assumption on LBL’s part. The following, on the other hand, is verifiable:

The Gray Wolves is a senior hockey team that skates out of the YMCA in Skaneateles, New York that ranges in age from senior to 95-year-old Marsh Webster. While Marsh is still a force on ice, he admits to looking fondly back to his glory days at age 80.

Skateboarding legend Mark Lake, 61, began his pro career at 19. He continues to be a champion skateboarder and his parents continue to wonder when he will finally give up skateboarding, get a decent job and become a responsible person.


Photo from Deposit Photos

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