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Summer Road Trips

Five Days Trips to Get Summer Started With a Flourish Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

We have crossed into June, and the official start of Summer is ahead of us. School is wrapping up for the year, things are opening up from the pandemic, and you are sitting looking at the summer months ahead with a furrowed brow. You might not want to take those long trips quite yet with the uncertainties still in some locations, and cruises aren’t an option, the crowded amusement park still just a bit offputting after quarantine – what are you to do? We have a few ideas for day trips here on the Suncoast to help break up the monotony and get you out and enjoying some of the most amazing spots within a short drive of our Suncoast communities.

Florida Bioluminescence Tours 

This is sure to be a unique and amazing adventure for kids and adults alike. Take a kayaking tour in the Indian River Lagoon at night while you escape the heat of the Suncoast summer. Wait, though, this isn’t any kayaking cruise. This is a bioluminescence trip that is sure to light up your summer with the glowing creatures found in the water that will illuminate your night. The summer is the dinoflagellates season and features bright green-glowing algae that shimmer, sparkle, and shine when set off by hand, paddle, or the fish in the waters. The height of this season, July and August, feature glowing plankton, and these tours sell out nearly every day, so book early for this amazing adventure. Entry is around Titusville, so within 2-4 hours of just about every Suncoast community.

Everglades Chickee Huts this Summer

For those that love eco-tourism, glamping enthusiasts, and anyone with a need for a touch of adventure in their outings, you can travel to Ochopee, Florida, close to Everglades City in southern Florida. You can literally spend the night in a hut styled how the natives of Florida built them 500 years ago. Today the local Miccosukee tribe build the huts but share the rich history of the Ais and Calusa tribes from years past. Cared for by modern-day Gladesmen now using eco-tourism for their trade and caring for the land and community as their predecessors, this is a unique experience you are not sure to forget. There are ecotours, outfitter services, and other amenities close by to make an amazing stay in the area and enjoy all the rich natural resources to be found.

Summer Road Trip

Devil’s Den Snorkeling – Cool Summer Option

This is a vacation destination for snorkeling and scuba officiandos that must be experienced to believe. This pre-historic cave is minutes from Ginnie Springs, Manatee Springs, and part of the large springs system here in Florida. The ancient cave features water at a steady 72 degrees year-round, so it is a cool (pun intended) option for your summer excursions. Due to the popularity of this spot and social distancing mandates, reservations to snorkel are required. This means you are guaranteed a serene, uncrowded experience to explore this natural wonder here in our state. Lodging, swimming, and other amenities close to the spring allow for a great getaway if you wish to extend your stay.

Coral Castle – Mystery Awaits

One man carved 1,100 pounds of coral sculptures in a whimsical display called Coral Castle that you can visit down to this day. With an audio tour of this unique and mysterious place, you too can let your imagination take flight. Built by Edward Leedskalnin alone, who was said to be just over a hundred pounds and never seen by any witnesses carving his sculpture garden, the mystery of exactly how he managed such a feat remains unknown to this day. He would tell people that he knew the secrets of how the ancient pyramids were built and used the same methods. That those methods might be and how he managed to create such a place is one of the questions that will riddle your mind as you explore this unrivaled destination. It might be a fair drive located south of Homestead but still worth seeing at least once – why not this summer?

Dinosaur World

Summer with Kids

There is no way we could leave this destination off this list. If you love dinosaurs or have a child enthralled by these creatures, Dinosaur World outside of Plant City, Florida, definitely must be on your list of places to visit. With over 150 dinosaur statues throughout the Dinosaur World, this will fully engage any dinosaur enthusiast. With shows, a museum, and other activities on-site, this is a full day of learning, exploring, and being just a tad scared of these extinct creatures here on the Suncoast.

Whether you are looking for some relaxing glamping in a peaceful, untouched locale or maybe a snorkeling adventure, there is something for everyone here in Florida. One of the amazing things about living on the Suncoast of this state is all the history and amazing sites we have access to explore with just a short car ride. Happy exploring with these and many other amazing sites to see here in florida this summer!

Photos courtesy of Unsplash and the business’s website and Facebook pages

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