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fishing on the savage lady, kids and capt. lance

Fishing on the Savage Lady with Captain Lance, Cortez FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

I was told that fishing on the Savage Lady would be a ton of fun. The first thing I saw when I got to the dock was Captain Lance Plowman cleaning fish next to the boat. The Savage Lady had been out that morning and had come back with a huge haul. There were half a dozen kids around him, watching as he gutted the fish and getting scraps to feed the pelicans. There were quite a few pelicans floating nearby ready to receive whatever the youngsters would throw them. Those kids had caught bunches of fish on the morning trip.

Then I saw Fleet Manager Erin Dolan with her laptop open, ready to check in the guests who were lingering close by. We were there for the afternoon cruise, so I let her know I was there and ready with my Sony video camera and my Nikon to take pictures of the upcoming trip. I work for Sande Caplin & Associates who built their website and wanted candid fishing pictures for it. I was also looking forward to getting out on the water and doing some fishing myself.

There were several folks who were going with me. Besides Captain Lance and First Mate Brent there were ten other folks ranging in age from about 10 to over 60. Everyone seemed very excited to go and finally it was time, so we left the dock and headed out to the Gulf. We saw some dolphins in the wake on the way which is always exciting and fun! We went under the bridge at Longboat Pass and on and on, until Capt. Lance found fish.

And now time for some fishing!

fishing rods on the savage lady
Rods on the Savage Lady

After the Captain let the anchor down, Brent helped those who needed it to bait some hooks and everyone got to fishing! Every now and then you’d hear, “Got one!” or something similar, and someone would reel one in. Capt. Lance and Brent would help whoever needed it to get the fish off and rebait to fish again.

The youngest of the bunch (her name is Taryn) was nearest to me and got really happy when she was able to reel her fish in. She and her mom told me they had been fishing earlier this week with Capt. Lance and she had caught the most fish on that trip. So fun! They plan to move down to Florida as soon as they can from up North.

Colorful clouds from the Savage Lady

We hit several places and got plenty of fish and then it was time to turn home. The sun was starting to set, and the colors of the clouds were the most amazing blues and pinks and purples! Everyone was watching the sun set to catch a glimpse of the green light and I was taking pictures trying to capture it on film. Brent shouts, “There it is!” I was hoping I had caught it on the camera but, no such luck!

That was such a fun trip that I am already planning to go fishing on the Savage Lady again! This time I want to go way out there and catch the BIG ONE! I know it’s there, just waiting for me!

Florida Fishing Fleet info

Would you like to go fishing with Capt. Lance? It’s a guaranteed good time! You can book a trip online at their website or give a call to 941/720-6174. The boat is docked behind The Swordfish Grill & Tiki at 4628 119th St. W. Cortez, FL 34215

Photos by Laura Bell Adams / Sande Caplin & Associates.

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