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Finally, Optimism for Tampa Bay Bucs Fans

Coming out of a disappointing season, our very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made a plethora of off-season moves to better their team for the future. Most notably, the signing of whom is most referred to as the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tom Brady himself. On Tuesday, though, the Bucs brought in one of the most dynamic playmakers to ever play the game: Rob Gronkwoski.

The five-time Pro Bowler, three-time Super Bowl champion, often referred to as Gronk, offers Tom Brady an electric receiving target whom he is already familiar with given their nine-season chemistry with one another. After deciding to retire for a year, there are some concerns Gronk will have regressed in skill after his decision to return to the league. However, Gronk, nonetheless, made the NFL All Decade Team as the number one tight end.

How is this good news?

A Hall of Fame candidate for sure, today we will be counting down the top four ways the signing of Rob Gronkowski is amazing news for Bucs fans.

1. Opens the opportunity to trade OJ Howard

The Bucs tight end before Gronk, OJ Howard, has played for the Bucs for just a few seasons. The young and talented tight end has been under-utilized in the Bucs offense plan to date. With the addition of one of the best, will OJ be traded? There are some tight end needy teams out there that just might be willing to shell out a mid-round pick which can be used for even more future talent.

2. Adds encouragement for Tom Brady to perform

The six-time Super Bowl champion may have trouble adjusting to a new team for the first time in his 20-year stint in the NFL. Having a former teammate, who also is generally agreed to be the best all time at his position, will encourage Brady to be more comfortable and will transfer a sense of familiarity and chemistry. Also, the fact that Tom and Rob are best friends may help.

3. Gives yet another absolute weapon in the Bucs offense

The Bucs offense is already one of the scariest in the league. Arguably the best receiving duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin preside in Tampa, and to add yet another playmaker through Gronk creates for an absolute machine which should be very fun to watch.

4. Gronk will be a great and supportive teammate

Look, Gronk is just a fun dude. He lights up anyone that watches him. He is funny, quick with replies, but most important of all, he works well with people. Gronk will always bring up the moods of those who temporarily fail on the field and will mentor the younger players. In the end, he will just be a great player and teammate. To quote Tom Brady when writing to his teammate, “Not just that, but as far as great as a player you are, you are a better teammate and person.”

About the author

Shane is a ninth grader at Pine View School who lives with his mom, dad, brother and dog-sis Gracie in North Port, FL. His passions include Boy Scouts, running track, and, of course, reveling in all things Football.

Editor’s note: We love having young authors write their thoughts and feelings. Another young author, Felix Ratner, wrote a great article for us earlier this year

Photos courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football page.

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