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Famous Foods of Florida

The Famous Foods of Florida

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Florida’s food scene is arguably one of the best in America, largely down to its huge array of fresh produce and seafood unrivaled by many parts of the country. Then there are excellent pizza places like Bravo’s Pizzeria, alongside plenty of burger joints, taco hotspots, and the like to choose from. The famous foods of Florida feature an endless list of options.

Not everyone has been able to enjoy Florida’s cuisine to its full potential at the moment, but the business will be booming again soon. There are only so many movies on Netflix we can watch or games of online pokies for players over 18 in NZ we can play before the need for some good quality Floridian cuisine kicks in. There’s just so much to choose from too, with an array of classics proving popular over the years. Florida certainly does certain types of cuisine best, which is why people flock from all over the country to try its different flavors from all around the globe.

With that in mind, we thought we’d go through some of the dishes Florida does so well and further highlight just how lucky we are to have access to such a comprehensive selection of food.

Key lime pie

Key lime pie, anyone? This favorite dessert for so many is adored in Florida, especially in areas like Key West. There are so many places to enjoy this gorgeous treat, though. It’s arguably the state’s most famous creation, with Florida’s residents enjoying it out and about, and at home too. Simply divine.

The Cuban sandwich

If you’ve lived in Florida for a few months or so, then chances are you’ve come across a Cuban sandwich before. One for ham and cheese lovers, in particular, this sandwich was introduced to the region by cafes catering for Cuban workers in Tampa or Key West, and since then the sandwich hasn’t looked back. It’s enjoyed throughout the state and is considered to be one of the best sandwiches you can eat in America.

Conch fritters

A Caribbean classic munched throughout Florida, conch fritters are beautifully perfect battered bites enjoyed as a starter or with a beer in the sun. Places like Keys specialise in this popular treat, although you can give it a try pretty much everywhere. Florida definitely does it best, though.

Florida Stone Crab

If you’re a lover of seafood, then you simply have to eat Florida Stone Crab. The state is famous for its seafood, with this particular favorite arguably the best of the lot. Usually served cold with a mustard sauce for dipping, Florida Stone Crab is a local delicacy and rivals lobster in terms of taste and flavor for many. Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach is particularly famous for this scrumptious treat.

Apalachicola Oysters

Florida's Famous Foods

Florida loves seafood. It’s a fact. When it comes to Apalachicola Oysters, though, the love is arguably even stronger, especially in the small town in the Northwest of Florida. Regarded as being some of the biggest and best oysters in the country, Apalachicola Oysters are special.

Gator tail/gator bites

Not every Floridian eats gator bites or gator tail on a regular basis, but some people can’t enough of it. If you ever want to savour a unique snack, though, then gator tails or bites are well worth trying. Regarded as the swamp version of chicken – which potentially puts some people off – gator bites and gator tail are uniquely delicious.

Smoked fish

Smoked fish has been tempting in tourists for many years, especially at Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish in St. Petersburg which has been around for over 50 years. If you like fish with a twist, then try smoked fish.

Photos courtesy of Siris King and Keystone Meats

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