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Fall Goals Here on the Suncoast Before End of Year

| Angela Naff |

It has been an interesting year here on the Suncoast as we all eagerly but reservedly tipped our toes back into a new normal. Kids are back with friends in a new school year after most of the last spent in virtual learning. On top of the pandemic, we have had labor shortages, real estate concerns, job fluctuations, and the brutal summer temperatures and rains to deal with. As we get to the more temperate changes of Fall and sliding into the holidays, there are many things we may have been putting off for a while now. Here are five goals to be considered this fall for completion before Christmas.

Home Repair or Improvements

Doing any exterior work on our homes in the summer months here on the Suncoast can be a hot and sticky job at best. Add to that the rain that tends to plague most days around these parts, and painting, laying pavers, or other tasks tend to go to the wayside. This fall, be sure and do a good inventory of project goals you wish to get done early and be ready when the temperatures become more manageable. Lumber shortages, labor, and such might make getting repairs done a bit trickier and more expensive than pre-pandemic. Listing things in order of importance, getting timelines, and quotes from service professionals will ensure you can accomplish those little projects in time for the holidays.

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Re-acess your Insurance Needs

Yep, this one is absolutely not a goal anyone likes but is more critical than ever Life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and car insurance are just the tip of the iceberg. Before open enrollment, this fall for health insurance comes around, be sure to look at what your family has spent versus needed and be sure the plan is right-sized to your needs. Additionally, considering the loss of home or life in a hurricane or other natural disaster is something we face head-on here on the Suncoast – do you have the right coverage to be sure your loved ones are cared for if something catastrophic happens. Often people get great insurance and pay the premium and let it renew without ever reassessing. This can prove detrimental and, even in some cases, cause overpayments as life circumstances change. So this Fall, plan to do a thorough reevaluation of all your insurance policies to be sure they provide the peace of mind you believe they should.

Holiday Celebrations List

This probably sounds obvious, but social distancing, size limitations, and other factors could limit your traditional big plans for this Fall. Can you maybe be the one to build a maze in your yard, make apple cider to hand out to neighbors, enjoy a small celebration under the stars or even invite someone who might not get to see friends to Thanksgiving? If travel or other things are in your plans, booking these early will be more critical than ever. Get that list pulled together to make this the most memorable fall and holiday season ever after all 2020 for most of us was a sad excuse at the celebration.

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Career Evalutions

Many people find that changes in their employment brought on by the pandemic left them in survival mode. People who lost jobs gobbled up anything possible to help their families. Others stayed in jobs that they had to ensure they could get by, and still, others found themselves working from home temporarily and loving it. Now that things are opening back up and more jobs are coming available this fall, we need to do a good evaluation if the current career in which you are employed is the right fit for you, your family, and your goals. If not, make a plan to change it and get out there – this might be the ideal time for a great change leading into the New Year.

Mental Health Check Up

This is about checking in with you and where you are at in reaching mental health goals. Do you need a small break – maybe a day trip here on the Suncoast? Are you finding that between the current job and other obligations, you might also need some support? The winter months are some of the hardest times mentally, socially, and in many other ways. In a world stressed out by the pandemic, job fluctuations, deaths of friends and family members, and a myriad of other concerns – it is good to do a solid check-in with yourself, friends, and family. Is there something you or someone you know needs to get to a better-balanced outlook? It is always good to set a specific time to re-evaluate your current and possible future needs regarding living the best life possible and communicate those to professionals, friends, or family to get the help that could make this a great fall and a happy New Year too.


Maybe it is as simple as getting out for a walk more often or taking back-up yoga. Others find that the solitude of working from home has caused them to feel cut off and arranging small groups or even a lunch out regularly can help. Still, others are trying to stay strong realizing that others maybe have a worse situation with COVID, job loss, and such – and fail to see they also matter, and should raise their hand for help. This fall check-in and see if there are some improvements that can be done in this vital area of our wellness routine.

We can do much this fall to celebrate the end of 2021 and set us up for an amazing 2022. Whether reevaluating our job situation, how to commune with friends and family for a holiday, or maybe to check the stressors we are under – we can put goals in place this fall to help moving forward. Additionally, getting those honey-do items checked off around the house before holiday entertainment will make you feel accomplished and ready to greet the holidays with open arms. HAPPY FALL SUNCOAST!

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos

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