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Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Cortez, Anna Maria Island and Beyond

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Cortez, Anna Maria Island and Beyond

| Sande Caplin |

Our friends at Four Winds Network Services have shared this “Disaster Preparedness Checklist”

Planning for Impact

Identify a coordinator/team with defined roles for preparedness & response planning
 Determine which processes/services are mission-critical to the survivability of the business
 Determine acceptable levels of service during the recovery period; what processes need to be
maintained or restored first to keep the business running smoothly
Identify essential employees & critical inputs (ie. logistics, vendors) required to maintain
business operations during a disaster event
Conduct a technology asset inventory to determine & document the mission-critical technology
components, their location, how they’re configured, & who is responsible for them
 Once key components are identified, what measures need be taken to protect & recover them?
Understand any regulations governing your business. If your network went down would you be
able to maintain compliance (HIPAA, Privacy, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.)
Understand obligations to customers and partners from a service standpoint to avoid breaching
any contracts and communicate service remedies when appropriate
Set a budget: Quantify potential costs of downtime and total failure to allocate appropriate funds

Assessing your Data and Technology Needs

Status of your existing disaster recovery plan: Is there one? Is it maintained? Is it tested?
 Determine vulnerability of your technology infrastructure to natural disasters (hurricanes, fires, etc.)
 Set clear recovery time objectives for each of your business/technology areas
 Determine the need for off-site data storage and backup
 Develop a technology plan that includes hardware, software, facilities and service vendors
 Secure clear understanding and commitment from vendors on your plan
Need a backup vendor? If someone else manages your network, are they ready for a disaster?
 Perform security risk assessments for specific threats where possible. Examples of data
security: Virus protection, intrusion detection, hacker prevention, system crashes, etc.
 Determine effectiveness of your data backup/recovery policies and procedures. Are they fully
documented and is a staff member responsible for maintaining and updating?
Perform a data recovery test. SERIOUSLY. You don’t want holes showing up during a disaster
 Prepare an incident response plan for mitigating a security breach. No one wants to deal with a
data breach but you want to be ready if it does. Plan should be audited & revised annually as
security threats will change over time

Communicating your Plan to Employees and Partners

 Who needs to be contacted with critical information? Build a distribution list & maintain for accuracy
 Develop a contact plan to reach employees: cell numbers, alternate contacts, home address, etc.
 Ensure employees know where to receive update/info about returning to work, working remote, etc.
 Ensure mission-critical employees know their role and have remote access (VPN for security)
 Determine if you need a dedicated recovery site to maintain business. Plan out set up if needed
 If you require support from vendor partners, ensure they also have a documented plan that
complements your needs and review annually to stay current

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