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Detailed Guide About the Unibet Application for Mobile Devices

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After smartphones and tablets took over the world, many of the things we had to do using our computers became available on the go. People were able to pay their bills, chat online, purchase different things, and even place bets.

Online betting was slowly but steadily growing in popularity, but once iGaming operators started offering mobile apps, everything changed. In just a couple of years, online betting became extremely popular, even in regions where gambling is heavily regulated. Although the desktop sites and the services offered by bookies and casinos were getting better, mobile applications are the thing that had a massive impact on this industry.

Speaking of applications, there are a couple of betting companies known for their top-notch products. One is called Unibet, so let’s learn everything about it.

Getting the app for Android

There are two big mobile operating systems that people use for online betting, and one of them is Android. So, don’t be surprised that with just one click over here you can download the Unibet application for Android and use all of the things offered by this world-class gambling site.

Before we share more information about the app itself, it is important to see how to get it. Inexperienced online bettors assume that they need to go to Google Play, but those who’ve used other betting sites know that this is not the case.

Similar to other betting companies, Unibet provides its application in the form of a .apk file. The easiest way to find this file is by checking Unibet’s site. Once you go there, look for the option called “Apps” and download the file.

Before installing the app for Android, you need to enable the option to install apps from other sources than Google Play. Some versions of Android will ask you whether you allow that, but there are cases where you need to check your settings.

After enabling this option, start the .apk file, complete the installation, and sign up. This will allow you to use all of the things offered by Unibet.

You can also get an app for iOS

There is no arguing that Android is the leading mobile operating system because millions of online gamblers use it on a daily basis. Nevertheless, iOS also has a lot of users worldwide because people love iPhones. Consequently, if you visit the link that will allow you to download the Unibet app, you will also notice that this industry-leading gambling website also has an option for iOS.

Although there are no differences in the apps’ functionality, the process of getting the Unibet iOS app is different. You do not need any apk files because the company offers its app on the App Store. This means that you have to use your Apple ID and download the file by pressing the “Get” button once it shows up.

The System requirements

Before we look at some of the features that made Unibet’s app so popular, we have to share a few words about the system requirements. 

Unfortunately, some online bettors do not have the opportunity to use new smartphones and tablets. Consequently, they are stuck with older devices that don’t have fast GPUs and CPUs or enough RAM. Some gambling websites take this into account when developing their apps, but others only want to offer the best options. Hence, their apps are only accessible to users with high-end devices.

The good news is that Unibet is in the first category. In fact, this is one of the rare cases in online betting where the mobile apps offer HD graphics and excellent options that do not require punters to have the newest Apple or Samsung flagship. Once you visit the special site to get the Unibet mobile app for Android and iOS, you will see that it will run on multiple devices.

Of course, there are a few specific conditions you must be aware of before getting the app on your device. The most important one is related to the mobile operating system. People who use iOS should have version 9.0 or higher, which means that everything from iPhone 6 and above should be ok. As for Android, it is advisable that mobile bettors use at least 4.1 or a newer version. 

Thanks to Unibet’s mobile website, those who have even older devices can still bet on the go. This thing does not require you to install any files and is available on a wide range of phones and tablets. 

The apps and their features

Even though Unibet offers two applications (one for Android and one for iOS), they allow people to use the same things. Apart from the different sections that made this gambling site famous, the applications also offer a variety of features.

We want to start by pointing out that Unibet offers a dedicated live betting section. This means that users who wish to avail themselves of this brand’s sportsbook and wager on live events can do that from the palm of their hands.

Since betting on live events is fun, Unibet knows that many people will use this option regularly. Therefore, the company also included a separate feature known as Live Streaming. This means that Unibet’s mobile customers can watch some of the most interesting sports events as they are being played.

The Live Streaming feature is great because it offers HD graphics. However, it requires a lot of data, especially if you don’t use your Wi-Fi network at home. That’s why it is advisable to watch the events that you want to bet on.

In addition to these two features, Unibet has another surprise for its mobile clients. The company provides a specific Cash Out option which allows bettors to close their bets even if the match is underway. The idea of the Cash Out option is to save time and money. This explains why it is available on most top-rated gambling platforms.


Unibet is widely regarded as one of the best gambling websites because of its excellent products and attention to detail. Aside from the benefits mentioned in this article, mobile bettors can also read guides, use the support department, make payments, and much more.

Photo courtesy of UniBet

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