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“Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris”

Simon 3

One of my grandson’s, who is in the 4th grade was asked by his teacher to write a letter to President Biden and Vice President Harris letting them know what they want from them in the next 4 years.   Kids are so open and honest.  Here is what Simon requested-

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris,

In the next 4 years, I want you to spend your budget on schools and making laws that can stop climate change. And help kids and families in need. I want you to speak up and tell America that they need to stop treating Black people worse than White people. And women should get the same rights that men do. 

Sincerely, Simon

PPS I’m in 4th grade and think you guys are the best people in the world.

PPPS I’m from PS 261 in Brooklyn, New York

Writers Note– I am so proud of Simon, his teacher and the entire class at PS 261 in Brooklyn. Congratulations!

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