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Daycations On the Florida Suncoast

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

Sometimes all you need is to get away from it all.  Work pressures plus family demands coupled with over-booking doctors’ appointments and house duties can take its toll.  And if you have used all of your allotted time off from work, the distance between now and vacation day can seem as far off as a journey across the Atlantic Ocean.   What is a burnt out, tired of it all, hard working adult to do?  Resort Pass, a service which unites you with a great daycation is at your service.


Okay, it isn’t a week away from home where airline travel and a suitcase are required.  But packing a beach bag and checking into a hotel’s amenities for the day doesn’t sound too shabby.  Resort Pass is a service that hooks you up with day passes at participating hotels, spas, and cabanas.  They tout “1000 hotels in 250 cities in 35 states” so finding a great deal is very doable.   It’s really as easy as finding a beautiful rooftop hotel pool, or whatever excites your relaxation senses, booking online and packing a light bag with a swimsuit, towel, and a terrific book.  You can either enjoy the day getaway in a solo fashion, recentering yourself and just letting it all go, or grab your gang and schedule a cabana for a group outing.  Generally, a pass includes access to the pool, spas, gym, restaurants, and bars at the hotels.


Locally, there are several hotels currently participating in Resort Pass.  With partners like Marriot, Hyatt, Weston, Omni, Hilton and many more, you can customize your luxury level to accommodate your budget.  For example, the Hyatt Regency Sarasota is offering a day at their outdoor pool which overlooks a marina and has a poolside bar and lounge.  You can even rent kayaks if you are so inclined.  Currently a day pass is $30, which even with lunch and drinks is not going to break the bank.  Over at Art Ovation Hotel, you can grab the day pass for $30 or a cabana for $150 a day which accommodates plush lounge seating for four including complimentary chilled Sun Goddess Prosecco and sparkling waters.  You get a dedicated server, but a $200 minimum bar and food tab is also required on Saturdays and Sundays.   This is a great option if you have guests in town or are celebrating a special birthday with friends. 

Resort Pass offers fun day stays at hotels and spas all over the country.  In Florida, dozens of hotels are offered up for great daytime poolside fun.  Don’t let the hurried nature of everyday life zap your energy and enthusiasm.  Vacations take many forms including just getting away for the day.  We live in paradise, don’t forget to take part in the fun.  For more information, please visit ResortPass | Book a Day Pass to a Hotel or Resort starting at only $25

Photos courtesy of Resort Pass website. 

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