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Spring Break

Crafting Ideas for Spring Break Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

Spring Break is here on the Suncoast, which means kids are home all day long. This is the perfect time to do some amazing crafts during this downtime, whether for giving as gifts, for the home, or just for fun. We have gathered a couple of cute ideas for doing with various ages.

Caterpillar Spring Break
Courtesy: Easy Peasy and Fun

Caterpillar Spring Craft

What is cuter than pom-pom(s) and caterpillars? Putting those two together in the sweetest craft possible. You can even make this better by going outside and talking about the various bugs you can find in each of our yards. Check out instructions for this craft HERE.

Galaxy Jar STEM

Talk about a great idea to learn, discuss and create a STEM project this spring break; this project HERE is for a galaxy in a jar. With some cotton, paper, and cups, you can create your galaxy, and each one is uniquely different. Happy learning and crafting!

Spring Break Slime Anyone?

Here is a great activity for a little older kiddos, slime. This recipe HERE does include glitter, but of course, you can add other things to the slime. Different colors, items, and even measuring are some things that can be learned from this crafting project. Oh, and it might be a great idea to head the kiddos outside for amazing weather and play with the slime this break time.

Tie-Die Options

The Tie-dye trend has been all over the internet lately! Here is a fabulous market bag that you can re-create using your favorite rainbow colors! Since this is a really famous trend at the moment, you will be able to make a great profit out of it! It will be the perfect thing to carry to your visits to the beach – pair it with your tie-dye swimsuit!

Handpainting Spring Break

Finger Painting Harvest

This sensory craft is amazing for many grades and ages. Whether carrots, handprint bunnies, or maybe larger-scale creative ideas there are a number of amazing recipes you can even make at home for safe finger paints for all ages. Again, this might be a great one for outside in the sunshine of a patio, letting your little Picasso go crazy.

Are you ready to grab the crafting supplies and get going? Do you have an amazing project that you can get done during this small break? Get going, Suncoast, and have fun together this Spring Break. The amazing things will be better relationships and great memories. Happy Crafting Suncoast!!

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos

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