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Considering a Home Renovation? Here Are 5 Things You May Overlook

There are many advantages and benefits to owning a home. The right place can afford you and your loved ones the security and comforts you need. Of course, as a homeowner, you will discover that there is always work to do to keep the house looking good and feeling safe. Home renovation projects can be costly and stressful, but they’re also necessary. You can avoid some common pitfalls and mistakes with your next big remodel. A home warranty plan may be for you, and there are also some important things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the most out of your renovation.

Waiting to Fix Items in the Home

Some homeowners plan to make major renovations all at once. Maybe this project is a year or two down the road, depending on finances and other factors. In the meantime, broken or damaged items in the home will continue to get worse and cause more problems. Don’t fall into this trap. Some renovations are all about changing the aesthetics or style of the home. However, renovating part of your house to make it safer is crucial. If you ignore damage now and put it off until later, you may discover that when it’s time for your big renovation project that you have too much to handle. Take care of issues as they arise, and you can save a lot of money and stress later.

Getting a Permit

Minor repairs to the home won’t require you to get a building permit. However, for significant renovations and additions, you should check with your local code enforcement before starting the project. If you’re expanding your garage, building that addition to the back of the house, or finishing the basement, you’ll have to get a permit. This will ensure that you’re staying within safety codes and regulations.

Adding Value to the House

Another reason to renovate your home is to increase the value. Some projects can help drive up the cost of your house when it’s time to sell or refinance. Certain renovations allow you to recoup your costs and then some. However, others won’t have the same effect. Make sure your project has some long-term value. Otherwise, you might want to rethink your plan. A real estate agent can give you good advice on what types of renovations will drive up the value of your house. This may also depend on the type of home you have and the area where you live.

Making It Attractive to Buyers

If you’re renovating to sell, think about what prospective buyers will want, not necessarily what you want. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are common elements that buyers look for. Smart appliances and security systems are another draw. And don’t forget about the yard. A neatly manicured lawn, garden, flower beds, and other outdoor features can be a big selling point when it’s time to list your house.

Getting a Home Warranty

If your renovation includes installing new appliances such as a water heater or furnace, or other items such as a sprinkling system, consider purchasing a home warranty. This is a wise way to protect your investment. Down the road in the next five, 10, or 15 years, parts of your big renovation may start to wear out or fail. A warranty will cover repair and replacement costs, saving you lots of money and frustrations.

Maintenance and upkeep are important jobs as a homeowner. There’s a right way and a better way to go about these projects. These five tips will help make sure that you feel good about the upgrades you make—now and in the future.

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