Come out to Clayton’s! Help our Friends in Florida and Puerto Rico

Come out to Clayton’s! Help our Friends in Florida and Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, it is so nice to get back to normal. Hurricane shutters have been taken down, surplus food and water has been consumed, and debris has been raked, bagged, and forgotten. Though many sought the refuge of shelters and friends’ homes away from the hurricane’s path, others chose to ride it out. Locally, we came through it relatively unscathed, and for that we should feel a tremendous amount of relief and empathy for those whose lives have been tragically altered by the recent hurricanes. Such is the case for our sisters and brothers in hurricane-battered Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys.

Imagine preparing for a Category 5 Hurricane on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, serving as a bullseye for what was projected to be the most dangerous hurricane to hit the United States, ever. The time after preparations were made, when the waiting began, was likely a mix of emotions ranging from dread to overwhelming care and concern for children, spouses, parents and friends. Then the storm pummels your surroundings for hours on end, leaving some families in despair looking for lost loved ones, or worse, being void of hope because you know they’re gone. No time to grieve or even think, because shortly after, you are “ground zero” again, and this time her name is Maria. You wait for it to be over only to find yourself scrounging for water, shelter, food—the basics of life. With electric grids pulverized and roads and bridges rearranged like Lego pieces, “normal” feels like an alien word. Folks, even in these weeks later, our friends in Puerto Rico and parts of the Florida Keys are still living like this.

In the true spirit of compassion and humanity, Clayton’s Siesta Grille has organized a special benefit that will directly assist those who need it most. If you’ve been to Clayton’s, you know you’re in for a treat! On November 12, for a donation of just $25 to $50 to The Red Cross or The Mermaid Trap, you can dine on some of the freshest and most delectable dishes in Florida. A silent auction with a bevy of incredible items will be available, ranging from time share stays to dinner with the Governor of Florida. Golf outings, exquisite meals prepared in your home, precious art and wines are up for grabs. Many local businesses have partnered with Clayton’s to provide tremendous auction items, so if you have something unique to add to the prize list, please contact them today. Your business or family’s name can be among a prestigious list of donors. Please don’t delay in thinking of this benefit when considering this year’s charitable contributions.

For more information, or to make a reservation, please contact Clayton Thompson directly at (941) 349-2800 or



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