Chuck Berry Went ‘Back To The Future’

I remember as a kid watching Chuck Berry on black and white TV and also listening to him on my AM Transistor Radio!   I consider him one of the fathers of Rock n Roll.  His song list is huge!

My favorites…. Johnnie B. Goode, Sweet Little Sixteen, School Day, Almost Grown, Let It Rock, My Ding-A-Ling, No Particular Place To Go, Run Rudolph Run, Nadine, Thirty Days, Around and Around and Rock and Roll Music.  (to name a few)

Here’s something that you might have forgotten.  We all remember the movie ‘Back To The Future’ starring Michael J. Fox.  Well, there is a segment in the movie where Michael is playing at Biff’s high school prom.  He got up on stage and freaked everyone out when he sang “Johnny B. Goode”.

Here is the video clip from the movie…. Enjoy it and smile.  I know I did.

Rest in peace, Chuck Berry.  You were one of the all-time greats.

photo from Wikepedia

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