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Celebrating Memorial Day on the Florida Suncoast- Be Safe, Be Smart

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that honors the military men and women who have died while serving our country in the U.S. Armed Forces. It is celebrated on the last Monday in May. Most Federal and State offices are closed along with banks, post offices and other businesses.

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of the summer in the United States. Folks all around the country get together with their families and have barbecues, head out to the beach, have picnics, visit cemeteries, and just relax.

This year is different

This year Memorial Day is a bit different. Even with the country starting to “open up” caution has to be taken. While there has been a significant decrease in new cases of the Corona Virus and deaths from the dreaded Pandemic, it is not the time to let down our guard.

When you go to the beach, please remember to ‘social distance’. Enjoy the wonderful restaurants on the Florida Suncoast, but again observe caution. It’s a great time to be with family. Remember to wash your hands and if possible, wear a mask.

The Sarasota National Cemetery is a wonderful place to visit. For more information about this wonderful cemetery and the hours that they are open visit

The team from The Suncoast Post wishes all of our readers and viewers a Happy Memorial Day. Remember- Be safe and make smart choices.

Memorial Day

by Amos Russel Wells

The Day of Memories!—Remembering what?
The cannon’s roar, the hissing of the shot?
The weary hospital, the prison pen?
The widow’s tears, the groans of stalwart men?
The bitterness of fratricidal strife?
The pangs of death, the sharper pangs of life?
Nay, let us quite forget the whole of these
Upon our sacred Day of Memories.

The Day of Memories!—Remembering what?
The honored dust in every hallowed spot;
The honored names of all our heroes dead;
The glorious land for which they fought and bled;
Our nation’s hopes; the kindly, common good;
The universal bond of brotherhood;
These we remember gladly, all of these,
Upon our sacred Day of Memories.

Photo from Deposit Photos.

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Memorial Day

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