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Car Accidents in Miami in 2022

| Staff Report |

Miami may be known for its sunshine and beautiful beaches. However, it is also known as the car accident capital of Florida. In 2021, there were 19,383 accidents resulting in injury in the city. There were 379 deaths. This number is up from previous years.

Causes of Accidents in Miami

Miami has a lot of residents and many visitors. All that traffic results in bumper-to-bumper traffic. People get frustrated in these conditions, and road rage is not uncommon.

Any place with great weather has more car accidents because people like to walk and ride bikes when the sun is out. People jaywalking and bicyclists suddenly entering traffic is always a problem.

Florida is very popular with motorcyclists. Bikes are hard to control and hard for other drivers to see. Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries.

Miami is popular with sports car enthusiasts, and the nice weather makes it tempting to put the top down and speed. Speeding is a leading cause of accidents no matter where you are.

Typical Accident Injuries and Their Treatment

According to the medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers, LLC, certain injuries are very common after an accident. Each of these injuries will require medical care. It is best to go to a clinic that specializes in accident injuries for treatment. The doctors, massage therapists, and physical therapists who work there will be able to work together to create a recovery plan for you. 

Typical Injuries after a car accident include:


Whiplash is the most common type of injury that results from a car accident. It is caused by the neck moving backward and forward very quickly. Some people can get whiplash from an airbag that is not working properly.

Whiplash is treated in several different ways. The easiest of which is applying a compress to the neck. The compress can be hot or cold.

Broken Bones

When a person’s body is thrust into a door, their arm may break. Broken legs can occur as a result of a collision where the impact is very severe or during a motorcycle accident if the bike lands on a person.

A broken limb might be able to heal with the aid of a cast. You may need surgery depending on the severity of the break. You are certain to need physical therapy after breaking a limb.

Dislocated Joints

A dislocation occurs when the bones that meet at any given joint separate from one another. It can be very painful. You may not be able to move your arm or leg when you have a dislocation, or it may be extremely uncomfortable to do so.

Treatments for a dislocated joint include immobilizing the area, using ice or heat on the area affected, and pain medication.

Miami roads are dangerous and accidents here result in injuries. Treatment at an accident clinic is the best way to ensure a speedy and complete recovery from your injuries.


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