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Brooklyn P.S. 261 Presents The Lion King JR- Oh How Special!

Brooklyn P.S. 261 Presents The Lion King JR- Oh How Special!

| Sande Caplin |

I flew from Sarasota-Bradenton the other day to Brooklyn, NY for a very special occasion.  My grandson, Jonah was in his elementary school play and I wouldn’t miss it for anything!  They put on “The Lion King Jr” and it was quite a show!

P.S. 261 is special.  It’s a melting pot of kids, teachers and parents and love, and excitement at this school is overwhelming.  They have an afterschool program that is second to none.  It’s a model that I feel should be shared through-out the country.  The cast consisted of over 80 students from grades 1-5 and a supporting crew of teachers, parents, and professionals of over 30!

PS 261 Last night, the show was sold-out, and I am told that Saturday and Sunday shows are also sold-out.  I could not believe how professionally done this show is!  Jonah tells me that that they rehearsed for over 3 months.  From the awesome set designs, beautiful costumes….. it was all so very special.

Congrats to everyone at this very wonderful school… a job well done!

The Lion King has become a worldwide phenomenon. From Disney’s original animated movie, to the Tony-winning Broadway musical adaptation, to the upcoming live action film, audiences can’t help but fall in love with this show’s captivating characters, moving music, and inspiring story.

When we set out to bring this beloved musical to the PS 261 stage, we knew it would be a challenge. This show craves spectacle, and creating the African Savannah in our auditorium was no small feat, but for every challenge and roadblock we faced, we overcame it with the incredible support of our community.

In this coming-of-age tale, Simba, too, is met with some unique challenges. When he doesn’t have the courage to confront them on his own, the support and guidance of his friends and community help him to face his past, embrace his journey, and take the reins to lead his kingdom.

The show has inspired me to examine the ways in which we are all connected. “Through despair and hope/through faith and love/’til we find our place/on the path unwinding/in the circle/the circle of life.” The circle of life weaves a common thread through us all. In our theater community, there is a place for everyone and no hardship has to be faced alone.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for everyone who has had a hand in this show. The results are beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you and enjoy the show!

Hakuna Matata, Rachel Gubow.

For more information about P.S. 261 visit their

Top photo from P.S.261 brochure / bottom 2 photos- Sarasota Post

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