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SeaChelle's Permanent Makeup

Breast Cancer Survivor In Sarasota Trying to Help Others

| Michelle Brantley |

My name is Michelle Brantley. I am a breast cancer survivor and a permanent makeup artist who specializes in 3D Areola tattoos.

Helping breast cancer survivors

During a mastectomy all areas of the breast, including the nipples and Areolas, are removed to limit the chance of a recurrence of cancer. When the individual has fully healed or when they are mentally ready, they come to me. I create a tattoo that gives the illusion of a nipple and an areola.

I started doing this in 2014 when I did my own areola tattoos. Yes, it was not easy, but I needed to practice so I could do this procedure and be able to relate to my clients. Since then, I have tattooed numerous people, men and women.

New location was almost ready

The end of 2018, I moved to a new location in Sarasota with the goal of having a spa and salon that would be oncology friendly. The benefit would allow clients to have an expert in the beauty field with knowledge of products and procedures that are safer for everyone. It took a year to prepare the building for my idea. Recently I was looking for the people to work at my location, then the Corona Virus hit.

Michelle Brantley, permanent makeup artist and breast cancer survivor

I used my savings and obtained debt to make my dream come true. I do not know what will happen now. It is an uneasy time for all businesses that will have an impact for not only the immediate future, but also for years to come. My goal is to continue on and pray that we will build a beautiful and safe place where anyone can feel better about themselves.

Once the essential working ban is lifted, I will continue to work at my location. However, if I cannot generate enough income to keep my dream spa and salon open, I will send out my resume in hopes to work at a doctor’s office. Maybe one day, I can resume my plans and just be in my own location.

SeaChelle’s work

To view my work and see more information, my website is
Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Praying we all stay safe and the virus will go away sooner than later. You can also check out my Facebook page.

SeaChelle’s, LLC. Spa and Salon

The Suncoast Post has a good story about the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation that you might find interesting.

Photos from Michelle Brantley and her Facebook Page.

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