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Bradenton Based “The Blessing Bags Project” Welcomes Sande Caplin To Their Board of Directors

Bradenton Based “The Blessing Bags Project” Welcomes Sande Caplin To Their Board of Directors

| Laura Bell Adams |

Betsy Plante, President of The Blessing Bags Project (story on, was first introduced to Sande through a mutual friend, Bob Slicker. Sande was a guest at their Breakfast with Santa Kids Christmas Party and was impressed by what he saw. He knew immediately he wanted to help, so he and Betsy met soon after to discuss redesigning the Blessing Bags website.

As time passed Sande began building a relationship with the organization and attended many events. Betsy and Sande often discussed different ways to improve their online presence to make awareness in our community. Sande even came as Santa’s helper on Christmas Day in 2017. After his experience that day, Sande and his partner Laura Adams, reached out to a family in need by providing cash, groceries, etc.



Knowing Sande had previous Board of Director experience in New York (He was President of the Board of Directors for Hope For Youth), it was an easy recommendation to nominate him when a board member resigned and they needed a replacement. “He is just the right fit”, Betsy Plante stated.

As the New Year begins, The Blessing Bags Project is excited knowing what Sande and Sande Caplin and Associates will bring to the table. Plante expects this will be their biggest year ever! Congratulations, Sande and welcome aboard!

The Blessing Bags Project Mission: The Blessing Bags Project Inc. is a group of volunteers dedicated to our local homeless and less fortunate by providing hygiene products, food, clothing, and loving them just as they are. Children receive special hand sewn bags including toys, snacks, and a Beanie Baby to hug.

Note: Sande Caplin is the founder of The Sarasota Post

Photo from Betsy Plante.

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