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Bourbon & Birthdays During a Quarantine & Pandemic

Last year my dear friend, Bob Slicker, said, “I am taking you to Baltimore to celebrate your birthday because you never know what can happen next year.” Oh, how right he was. We celebrated hard in Baltimore in 2019. Orioles game, Guinness Brewery, great restaurants, toured the city, fabulous seafood and lots of bourbon! Lots of bourbon!

Fast forward to 2020! It’s birthday time again and how life has changed. Laura and I were supposed to be in New York visiting my kids, their spouses, grandkids, sister and friends this weekend. Well, that’s all changed! In what seems like in the blink of an eye all of our lives were turned upside down.

It is certainly different this year. What do I miss the most, the very most? Obviously, my kids, grandkids and family. Sarasota-Bradenton is my home. I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss the camaraderie and I miss going out to listen to “live” music and going dancing with my favorite lady.

Missing so much

I miss Bob, Kat, Crab Man and the entire team at the Swordfish Grill and all of their great live music. I miss going to Mattison’s on Wednesday night to listen to the Billy Rice Band! I miss going to see “live,” Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones, Tim Chandler, Ari & the Alibis, Kettle of Fish, Ted Stevens & the Doo Shots and of course Sarasota’s sweetheart, Twinkle Yochim and Rock Soul Radio. I miss my pals at Primo Ristorante, Maurizio, Afaf, Manal, Rola and the entire crew. I miss Clancy’s Irish Sports Pub and Rayma Stowe! I miss Clayton’s Siesta Grill. I miss Jack Elka & Hope Yencho who moved to Hendersonville, NC. I could go on and on…… so many places and things to do that I miss. I know I left out a bunch of names and places. I am sorry, I am old and confused!

Still having a Happy Birthday!

Today’s birthday will certainly be different. I will be on “Zoom” with my family later in the day. That will be really great. Yes, I have 2 unopened bottles of bourbon. Laura will be the designated driver today. We are going to do a few “drive-bys,” certainly carrying out social distancing. I am going to have a few shots of bourbon with my pals. It’s going to be really special. I know it will be the best birthday ever.

Love to you all. Be safe and make smart choices.

Editor’s Note: Cool story from Sande about his birthday 6 years ago!

Photo by The Suncoast Post.

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