Bingo in Sarasota, FL: The Present and the Future

Bingo in Sarasota, FL: The Present and the Future

Bingo is one of several kinds of gambling seen throughout most of the US, and a popular game for Floridians. With 265 bingo halls across the state, there are more here in Florida than in many other states, including half a dozen in and around Sarasota. That makes it the most populous bingo location after only Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

There are many reasons that bingo is popular in Florida. For those who savor the uncertainty and mystery that comes from gambling – will you win or will you lose? – it is a relatively low-stakes and low-risk way to get a kick. On top of that, it is an incredibly sociable game. Unlike almost any other gambling game, hundreds of people can play the same game of bingo all at once, and all have almost an equal chance of winning.

As players get to choose their own numbers in bingo, many people feel they have some control over whether they win or not which may be behind its appeal. There is also arguably some skill involved, in that rapid reactions can increase one’s chance of winning at bingo! You may be the first to fill your card or obtain a full row or column but you have to react by shouting ‘Bingo!’ before the next ball is announced to reap the benefits! In a way then, bingo also trains you to be perceptive and reactive, helping to keep your mind sharp while having fun and potentially winning small amounts of money.

Bingo is popular in Sarasota, FLLittle wonder, then, that bingo is so popular in Florida, and particularly in the Circus City. But the popularity of bingo in Florida still lags behind its prominence elsewhere. For instance, in the UK, bingo is something of a cultural institution. Many small towns boast at least one bingo hall and bingo halls have been known to act as de facto social hubs for communities to gather, talk, and enjoy seeing who fortune favors.

The popularity of traditional bingo halls saw quite significant decline over recent decades, but the game has seen a revival in online bingo sites. With this online offering, players many of the same advantages of traditional bingo games, with a few added extras. One key bonus is that online bingo sites typically have much lower overheads than traditional bingo halls, and can therefore offer players more attractive rates of return, bonuses, and rewards. For instance, Moon Bingo is a UK site that offers players an enticing welcome bonus. Upon signing up and depositing £10 (about $13), they receive £60 (about $77) credit to play on other games, plus 20 free spins on slot games. Many sites also offer chatboxes so that players can still socialize and feel a sense of community.

With bingo already enjoying such popularity in Florida, it seems likely that these online bingo sites would revolutionize the bingo scene in Sarasota and Florida at large, just like they have in the UK. Indeed, with many sites already being accessed by Floridians on a daily basis, that revolution may well be underway.

Photo credit:top ‘Bingo-Balls‘  by Digby Fire Deparment (CC BY-ND 2.0), 2nd photo ‘Sarasota‘  by Piutus (CC BY 2.0) 

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